Sunday, February 14, 2010

Posing for the Community Challenge

A request went out on the Ch'Know friends group for bloggers to gather for a picture. I responded and it turned out to be my long time friend Rose Farina working on her community challenge of a nice tribute to the blogger community.

I agree with what she said. I have learned much of what I know in SL by reading blogs. My would like to add my thanks to those who spend their time taking the photos and writing posts, and especially the ones that go to the effort of preparing tutorials.

Of course I took pictures too. With a switch to a new extremely landscaped monitor, I am having problems framing pictures in world --- it seems to shift the photo much lower than I aim (not just the recent forced crop LL added). I only had one usable picture. Rose hadn't taken her position yet, and it doesn't show Ali.

Me, Crap, Rylan, Emerald, Kanomi, Isabeau, Gabby, Tym and Holli
(click for a larger view)

Here's an example of bloggers affecting my SL: Tym and I are wearing the sneakers that she listed as one of her "
5 Things You Can't Live Without in SL" in response to another challenge. Reading the post led to meeting Tym, Ali and Cen and becoming a Ch'Know group member. Yay! My SL would be much quieter without them in it. Cas boos the idea.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did Someone Say "TRIVIA" ???

Ali hosted a trivia party last night! She ran the game. My fingers were soo not fast enough. Show up in your pajamas, listen to music and rack your brain for answers. It was good fun and she's promised to repeat it.

Ali our DJ swinging her pillow around and dancing to the beat of the tunes she was playing.

We are sitting around the trivia ball like we are mesmerized!

I absolutely love this one.

A toasty warm Aisuru, looking adorable.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fae Fest - Imbolic

Fae Fest dance event was held at the Kingdom of Erebos yesterday. Humans, elves, vampires and drow were all represented. They put aside their differences for a short time to join in dance inside the enchanted faerie circle. For more pictures follow this link.

Hawk, Tina, Tori, Red, Emy, Casandra. Emy sprinkled faerie dust over those who could not fly to aid in soaring dances.

Emy, who choreographs the dance, and Tori

TinaMarie Beck, our DJ for the event

Long time friend of ours, Red dons wings to join in the fun!