Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some People - RL

I'm very fond of the owner's wife where I work. Sometimes she talks about her frustrations. Today she said she "You know how long it's been since I got my new washer." (not really, but recently). She had later driven to the store and paid for it. "I got a bill today that they were charging me a $35 late fee." Her husband went to the store to find out about it and they told him it wasn't paid for, so he paid for the washer and the late fee. (I played ring-around-the-rosy to find out this much). "I don't understand him. Why didn't they know it was paid for? It should have been in their computer." (She doesn't trust computers)

I said "Did you write a check?" She didn't remember. "You surely didn't pay cash. Go look in your checkbook for proof you paid it. The bank can give you a copy of the cancelled check." Here it comes, the unbelieveable response "I don't care about proof." By now she is very agitated. My response "You will need proof you paid for it, so you can get your money back. Go look in your checkbook."

She came back in a few minutes waving her checkbook "I found it!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Penguin Parade!

My friend Emy's regular Sunday night dance gig turned into a big send off for our friend Kathy. She is a marine scientist specializing in penguins in Antarctica. She spends most of her time with flippers on her feet, in submersibles and analyzing data. So the farewell party was a penguin theme.
Emy, quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken of her, and I am snap-happy.
Our good friend Xavia found all of Kathy's fav music for the event.
Babycakes and her husband Jim generously open their place each week for Emy's gig.

Some of the regulars
and yours truly with a Baby Tux on my shoulder
We will all miss Kathy, she is a friendly, cheerful person. I enjoy talking with her and looking at all of the pictures she has given me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fae Fashion #1

I brought up the idea to my friend Emy of showing my version of fae fashion on a continuing basis! She was excited. I believe it is a nitch no one is filling, so here goes.

Unless designers start dropping stuff on me, none of it is review copies. I'm going to show you outfits I wear. I probably won't indicate which are designer gifts, unless I just picked it up and it's a limited time offer. However I will do my best to let you know what is available and what is not out for sale. Just because it's no longer in the designers shop, doesn't mean you don't have it or something similar in your wardrobe. When I check to see if it is still offered, if I think it might be a little difficult to locate I'll add a note.

I do have favorite shops, however most of the time I am a blog shopper = if something on a blog catches my attention, I'll check it out. I look around the shop while I'm there and see if I'm interested in other items also. I shop all over the grid not only in role play/fantasy shops, sometimes finding one or two offerings in modern shop that fit in with what I like to wear as a fae. This outfit is a case in point for shopping outside the RP shops.

For a larger view, click on the images.
The scalloped hem of the skirt is diagonally cut with with layers of what could be a soft cotton batiste in lavender. A pink cloth flower accents the waist. The embroidered and appliqued lace lays over both the fabric and your skin.

Fae do not get cold so there is no need for capes and boots, but I have noticed that I tend towards cooler pieces of clothing during the warm months and usually cover up more during the cold months. This was the first outfit I purchased when spring came this year.
Green and purple are good foils for each other when neither are overly strong. I really like the little touch of lavender in the green wings, it picks up the lavender of the skirt and top.I honestly think the depth of shading in this set of wings makes it the most dimensional Violaine Villota has created.
The whimsical trumpet vine necklace and earrings seemed the perfect light-hearted touch.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Outfit ~ Catrina in Lavender by aDIVA Couture (last "room" on left before bridal)
Jewelry ~ Melancholy in Violet by Violet Voltaire
Wings ~ Teasel Mint by Fancy Fairy (flexi, not scripted) ~ Free (on wall in discounts room)
Skin ~ Embrace in Cameo by Cupcakes
Hair ~ Nur in Cherry by Ava-Tare
Poses ~ ImpEle (formerly Imperial Elegance)
Location ~ floating mountain over the Isle of Arran (House Waves sim)

I really appreciate it when bloggers provide LMs. I do apologize, I started to and realized the extra effort it takes, would mean I would not do a Fae Fashion post as often as I hope to since I am not a dedicated blogger.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food, Such a Big Deal ! ~ RL

Why does food have to be such a big deal? I mean, it's something you eat, it's not life and death, it's f-o-o-d! If it tastes okay, I'm good. If I didn't have to cook it, that's even better.

I do get hungry, and I'm not good about waiting until it's the official time to eat. I am hypoglycemic (basically the opposite of diabetic), which means I'm supposed to eat 4-6 times a day to keep my blood sugar under control and keep the ground down there where it is supposed to be, rather than face planting myself or walking around disoriented (I knew someone that happened to). So being the happy nibbler I am, works well.

Sundays around our place are nice and relaxing for me. I get to see Stani (SL bf) in chat in the morning, followed by laundry, working on projects, and cleaning. I always think I'll have time to log on during the afternoon and role play in Arran (was Erebos), but I'm normally too busy. I log onto SL in the evenings, usually get to see Stani in world, sometimes make it to the Funky Feats dance, and frequently attend my friend Emy's gig.

For Rob (RL husband) and roomie, Sundays mean prep work for teaching the following week; and any admin stuff Rob needs to do during the weekend. They are both late risers; Rob eats breakfast at brunch time or later. Neither one of them normally wants to discuss the menu for dinner until mid-afternoon at the earliest. I am usually the one who goes to the store and cooks. Who cooks is decided by the choice of menu, which is kind of nice except that Rob rarely cooks and seems to prefer my cooking over roomie's. The person who does the dish best cooks it, so sometimes all three of us rotate through our small pullman style kitchen for one meal. Sunday dinners are our one nice sit down meal each week with the table attractively set. Holiday dinners are excellent; terrific food with both the dinner table and the small buffet set with holiday linens, silver, crystal and centerpieces.

This post came about simply by wishing we could pre-plan Sunday dinner, so I could get the grocery shopping out of the way on Sunday morning. We pre-plan holiday dinners days in advance, what's the big deal about waiting until our tummy tells us what we are in the mood for on Sunday afternoon? There speaks a person who doesn't like grocery shopping, especially when it interrupts work on projects or fun, and is happy to eat almost anything she doesn't prepare herself.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Barrels of Fun !

My SL has been very quiet the past few weeks. I've had RL deadlines which I just completed, so I haven't been online much at all, mostly just to clear notices.

I had fun lately trying out a series of barrel poses from Olive Juice.
mmm...flexi hair falling through body. Although I seek out flexi styles, this is one of the of the down sides.

Balancing act! A little unsteady ...
 ooops! I slipped. That hurt!
Now for sexy!