Sunday, October 25, 2009

Essie invited me to post on the Chonicles of Erebos blog. So when I post there, I will note it here for anyone who is interested. I will still post role play here also. Sometimes the same event with a different slant.

The was a horse tourney on a calm evening in the medieval/fantasy kingdom of Erebos.

Linwe and Foxy are clashing in the foreground upon the high meadow. I was an airborne observer (it seemed safest)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Retro - RL

This is a cute little owl fabric that I had to have for no good reason except it is unique and it appeals to me.

Normally I buy full groups that are new, replenish certain groups by buying the bolts that have sold out, or pick and chose from large groups. I buy single bolts that don't go with a themed group, only if they are novelty prints (cars, horses, ducks etc) that meet a need. Novelty fabrics are one of our specialties.

I just threw this one in willy nilly. My boss would have looked at me in alarm if she had been there and asked if I really needed/wanted that? She hasn't joined me for a buying session for ten months. I regret that; we work really well together. I have the next fabric rep scheduled for next Monday during a time she sometimes comes if she wishes, she could be there. Debi is fun and I think they would be excellent friends if she lived locally.

Because it is not part of a group, when the bolt arrived at the shop I knew it would sit on the shelf virtually untouched unless I came up with a display. It is in the retro section so I found a pattern from that era. I am surprised the style appealed to me. It's very feminine. I am feminine, but I don't think I'm this feminine.

It is Butterick 4945 (bottom right) If the link doesn't work immediately, give it a few seconds. I believe it is from the 1950s. I modified it by placing a pipping between the two fabrics and shortening the bottom piece (twice) to 2-1/2" with hem to give it better balance between the two fabrics.

Me, being me, I didn't read the instructions. I almost never do. But then I usually draft my own patterns, so I am not used to having instructions to rely on. And this is super easy.

Extra long apron strings to tie your special male friend up with - hehe!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Thursday - Musical Friends

Dance is my first love in SL. Dance and Friends are why I was still hanging around by the time I slipped into Role Play. I am often somewhere wearing the leather thin on the bottom of my dance shoes.

Emy is a good friend in RL and my best friend in SL. She is the only person I have introduced to SL. We are there for each other. A very talented choreographer for singles and couples dance events with an RL dance background. In my role as Queen of the Fae for the Kingdom of House Erebos, she holds the position of Court Choreographer. She really is my Lady-in-Waiting. She makes my life easier in many ways and has my best interests at heart. My SL would be much lonelier without her.

Tulsa I happened to meet at a Funky Feats dance. He has become a friend, Emy's little brother and a talented DJ. Above are before and after make-over pics. He had been in SL for two years when I gave him good pair of black shoes from Shiny Things for a Christmas gift earlier this year. The world should watch out! What this man can accomplish when he gets motivated is amazing! Extremely sauve and still my heart! *smiles* Click on picture for a better view of his new look on the opening night of his weekly Party Funk gig at Linri's Palace.

Emy drug me to a Funky Feats dance well over two years ago and I am sooo glad she did! This choreographed dance group became my first home base in SL. A welcoming group that loves music, and loves to dance. They are an important part of my SL. LuLu, Hevy and myself amid a good turnout of Funkies surrounding us.

Hevy is the mainstay and heart of the Funky Feats. He was one of the original Funkies and kept the group going after the others lost interest. He is a gentle and considerate man, who is delighted to see each group member TP in to join a dance. I always thought a chorus line would have camaraderie and be fun and I was right! SL blissfully takes the long hours of rehearsal away.

However long hours are spent prior to choreographed events by the dance leaders in searching for new dances that fit different music styles, organizing them, and warming them up prior to the event.

Xavia is a bright spot in my day! She is enthusiastic and bubbly. I met her through Starting Point newcomers housing run and sponsored by my friend Tym and her husband Jerremy, two wonderful people. I invited her to a Funky Feats dance one evening when she was bored. She was immediately hooked on music and dancing in SL. She is a host for Bailers and is now DJ'ing for them on Friday nights. She is occasionally fae, hence this choice of pictures.

LuLu (gray globe over head) was the driving force that kept the Funkies going while Hevy was away from second life. It takes a lot of keyboard dancing to choreograph a two hour event and she lead dance after dance, undoubtedly wearing her dancing toes and fingers into numbness.

The way my blog operates, I can only upload five pictures. There are music friends that are not shown here that I also enjoy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Changing Seasons - RL

I love living where the seasons change...the air is crisp or soft and warm, trees burst into new leaf or drop brightly colored crunchy leaves underfoot to shuffle through and kick into piles, even the sky is different with each new season.

The thing I dread about the change of seasons is changing out my closet....major bummer. There are clothes that cause me to automatically smile when I see them for the first time in several months. That's the up side.

Like most people, my closet is not large enough. This time of year I pull out everything I know I won't be wearing til spring - the camis, shorts, thin silk blouses, swim suits and cover ups.

Then I open the two big totes that hold seasonal clothing and place everything in the closet I know I will want to wear. Next comes paring down the transitional items (I always leave some in the closet) so that the bulkier winter sweaters fit. A must is the incredibly warm wool cable sweater in natural
Lancastershire wool mom gave me. I probably won't wear it, but last year when the shop lost heat for several days it was a blessing.

I donate everything I haven't worn that I have no really good reason to keep. Nostalgia did I end up with a dress I wore in high school? My mom never tosses anything. It's an unusual eyelet in a pretty shade of blue. I think I'll offer it to a local theatre company. There's the green boxy tunic length top with bright yellow-gold embroidery (eeah) from India a friend gave me three years ago. mmm... And a soft yellow wool pencil skirt that fits like a dream, but yellow?
I don't remember it at all..away it goes. And a longer bittersweet one. Pencil skirts that long and my job just don't cohabit comfortably; I've never worn straight skirts that weren't above the knee. Another mom one.

I love my mother, but we dont' really have the same taste and she's only happy if my tops are loose and my pants are almost falling off.

And an authentic U.S. Air Force flight suit! I don't why Rob (husband) thought I needed one. I only get to go up in private aircraft once or twice on a good year and I haven't been up in any military aircraft that has been used since WWII. I'm keeping it. I even look kind of sexy in it!!

All done. :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cas isn't here - RL

The only time my Friday off at work changes (we are closed on Sundays), is when two other people need/want that day off.

The end of the twelve foot shelf used for displaying quilt kits and a few fat quarter bundles

I was asked a couple of days ago if I would switch my day off for next week. I agreed and then we haggled as to which day I will take.

Now I feel like I need to post a notice on the front door - big and bold and hope everyone who cares will actually read it. What is it about people that the ones that could benefit rarely read signs?

Cas will be off on Wednesday, October 14
She will be available on Friday, October 16

This public service announcement would upset my co-workers who feel "my customers" place too much importance upon my assistance. They seem to forget they all have customers that prefer them. I just have more, or else more projects are done by
"Cas's groupies" - one of the men started calling them that and it stuck :(

For a little reference check out this post paragraphs 4-7

A corner of my 7'x10' cutting table used for displays and quilt kits. Yes there is clutter behind the display rack....well I'm a bit cluttered. Artistic types aren't usually all that tidy are they? ?

Because I know there will be people who come in on Wednesday and say, "Where is Cas? I know she's off on Fridays" and the next time I see them it will be "Where were you last week? I came in and you weren't here." The next sentence will be:
(a) I had to get something and so someone
else helped me (they may describe them, but rarely know their name)
(b) I left again
(c) I was afraid you had quit

Yes, there really are people who will drive I don't know how many miles in metropolitan traffic expecting my help to pull their project together and if I am not there, will turn around and walk out the door!!

The ethnic table is behind the rack on the left, 400+ batiks on the wall, 2-1/2 tables of Civil War prints starting with the table on the right. A tiny portion of the floor space I have for 6,000 bolts of fabric (my department takes up one third of the floor space dedicated to fabric in a shop that used to be a grocery store!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Erebos - Grand Re-Opening Celebration 2

A part of House Erebos' grand re-opening celebration was an archery competition.

The winner was Essie Radford

And lastly Saia during the fishing competition being circled by a flying dolphin!!
The fishing competiton winner was Fauntimes Inkpen. Congratulations to the winners of the many and varied contests throughout the weekend!

Erebos - Grand Re-Opening Celebration 1

The role play kingdom of House Erebos had their grand re-opening celebration last weekend. I managed to get a few pictures.

Linwe and Slader taking a rare opportunity to dance together

Foxbriar in the middle and Mandelynn ? (I always think I will remember - ha!)

Saia and 2ks, our illustrious leaders in the foreground wrapped up in each other

Casandra; Nicole visiting

Meehaul, visiting (as an elf!) and Swith dancing together

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Thursday - Role Play Friends

This week's Happy Thursday post (late as usual) is about role play friends. I was a human for over a year before I donned wings and became a fae in my first Role Play medieval/fantasy kingdom. It was a happy accident told here.

These pictures are all from the kingdom of House Erebos. A huge thank you to Essie for discovering it and major kudos to Saia and 2ks for welcoming refugees from Aglarond with open arms! Here are the chronicles for Erebos.

All of my role play friends are important to me, they care about each other, their varied personalities round out the experience. I am really a theatre techie type - one of my majors in college was Theatrical Costuming. I have been told I'm good at role play, but I am not really comfortable with it.

However, I have friends who are awesome at role play!

Galina was accused of poisoning Mandelynn. Her trial revealed that she was threatened...

With the drow Hawk quelled for the moment, we enjoy a relaxing evening in the village.

Emy, Linwe as a friendly wolf, and myself on one of Emy's favorite sitting spots.

I still am human much of the time. Each is a nice break for the other.
Some of us use role play as a get away from being human and others switch from one role play persona to another, sometimes shedding skin for scales or fur to relax.

It's funny but even if I don't have a great deal of interaction with someone, if we talk personally every once in a while, I develop a fondness and care about them. I miss Joyful... she is a warm and wonderful person.