Friday, January 30, 2009

Fae Gathering

As my first official act I held a gathering for the fae to give those who hadn't' met an opportunity to do so, with the added benefit of a little meet and greet for me.

The meadow was decorated with bright flowers. Seating was provided for those who wearied of dancing.

My good friend Emy did a beautiful job choreographing the dancing for the event.

The new Banrion na Fae (me!!) caught in motion by Emy

Two angels standing around at the gathering.

Several other races joined the fae in the meadow beside the stone circle. Some just looked in to see what was happening and chatted for a few minutes, others stayed and danced for a while.

Aglarond is diverse; both in vocation and race. Inhabitants are: human, angel, drow, fae, elf, demon, vampire, harpy, dwarf, mermaid, dragon, wolf, pirate, a hobbit-like I forget the name of and others. So if you would like a role play home in SL, Aglarond just may be the place for you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Number One Hundred - Nooo... 101

This is it - my one hundreth post! Okay, 101! My 100th was a surprise I couldn't wait to share! The first three really don't count anyway they were written before I really started blogging.

RL has been really busy lately. SL has been busy too. During the six months that it has taken me to write the last 97 posts:

In SL I have participated in RFL,
seriously upset a friend, moved twice :( , become a Fae Queen, and made quite a few new friends (yay!).

In RL I have
sewn about 25 things, read a few books, started exercising regularly again (lapsed - summer of smoke and rain), and learned a couple of more things in PhotoShop (finally).

I've selected five posts that I want to remember. If you haven't been reading my blog that long and you're curious to know more about me, read on. :D

Balancing the Scales - Fashion vs. Land
Why I Have a House
Balancing RL & SL
OMG! It's Hevy!!! Taking Cen's Challenge
Happy Thanksgiving, I'm Grateful

I've also selected five of my favorite pictures over the last six months:

Feeling fae sized at Burning Life

Just me and my skates, on a peaceful winter evening.

Can you say "Freedom and the Thrill of flight?" Air Dancing

Please click on this and look at it full size. Just like any other sim, each tiny green dot is an AV. Each dot here is a person walking the circuit for the Relay for Life. Walking a walk that makes a difference for themselves or someone they know. Generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to give of themselves is evident in the many causes embraced in SL.

And this one is for memories of a fun event and a good friend I really miss. Rose Farina, Rose Petal Creations, is almost never on any more, I haven't seen her in months. She was the DJ and host of themed parties for the On Balance group on Sunday nights. Here is a pic from Silly July Holidays. Rose and Rez are dancing on cubes in the back. I'm dancing with Korbin who attached five holidays to himself!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Co-leader of the Fae !!! OMG !!

This is sooo not what I had planned for my One Hundreth post. It will be 101 instead.

I awoke yesterday morn and read the missives that had arrived for me during my night's repose. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an announcement that I won the election for the new position of Co-leader of the Fae for the fair Kingdom of Aglarond!!

I was quite amazed, flabbergasted even! I just sat there stunned for the longest time! I didn't even finish reading the post just then. I diverted myself with other things for over an hour, before I ventured back to my email and read the entire announcement. I then saw one asking me to get in touch ASAP. Thus began my day.

I was a Duchess, Head of a Household in Gamilia, my first role play sim. I was recruited to Aglarond shortly before Gamilia folded.

It is similar to being an officer in a group that you care about and then not only stepping down from the office, but moving away and starting over. I packed away my cornets after Gamilia folded and eventually got used to wearing fanciful circlets and flowers rather than the metal circlets. I got one out and dusted it off last night. Somehow it felt a bit heavier this time, but it settled into place. I can only hope my new role settles onto my shoulders as easily as the cornet did upon my forehead.

I was added to a group - of course. This is SL - what position does not include at least one new group? (make that two new groups) I looked over the related groups I'm in to see how my role titles had changed and what abilities I had now. How strange to be a "race leader" (Ag council) and a "realm leader" (kingdom). Those are the ones that struck me the most other than
Banrion na Fae (Queen of the Fae) !!!

All of a sudden I went from a person of no consequence, to a fae queen !!!
OMG!! Five of us submitted our names for consideration. I was quite surprised and pleased with the wonderful vote of confidence I received!

Sunset on the grounds of Balsidhe na Uiamh (Fae King Creag's Household dwelling)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tala - New Year's Greetings

For my role play readers --- :D

Just having fae fun and showing off my pretty new things!

I think the card is perfect in that it is exactly the image I wanted and expresses just what I wish for everyone on this first day of a brand new year.

I saw the gown during the POE hunt and immediately thought of my Fleur necklace from Miriel as being just the right piece to set it off. I remembered she had a lovely gold circlet that would work with both, and of course my Fancy Fairy wings are perfect!

My PhotoShop skills are really, really lame. I have PhotoShop 6 and a How To book for it. I know how to do some things and I know certain other things are possible, but don't know what the official term is so I can look it up in the index. I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading, flipping, stumbling (I hope) across what I need. One of my resolutions for this year is to improve my PS skills.

Gown: DG Innovations - Mayfae
Wings: Fancy Fairy - Lilt wings, portobella
Jewelry - Necklace & Earrings: Miriel - Necklace - Fleur, gold & amethyst
Circlet: Miriel - Fairy Tale Crown, gold & amethyst