Friday, January 30, 2009

Fae Gathering

As my first official act I held a gathering for the fae to give those who hadn't' met an opportunity to do so, with the added benefit of a little meet and greet for me.

The meadow was decorated with bright flowers. Seating was provided for those who wearied of dancing.

My good friend Emy did a beautiful job choreographing the dancing for the event.

The new Banrion na Fae (me!!) caught in motion by Emy

Two angels standing around at the gathering.

Several other races joined the fae in the meadow beside the stone circle. Some just looked in to see what was happening and chatted for a few minutes, others stayed and danced for a while.

Aglarond is diverse; both in vocation and race. Inhabitants are: human, angel, drow, fae, elf, demon, vampire, harpy, dwarf, mermaid, dragon, wolf, pirate, a hobbit-like I forget the name of and others. So if you would like a role play home in SL, Aglarond just may be the place for you!

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