Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shopping from Bed

One of the amusing sights I've seen in SL happened last night at the Car Wash sale. This lady was zooming around the streets lying in a hospital bed!
No hospital gown for her, she has on her jammies. She was clicking like crazy and appeared to be having a fine time shopping. I didn't notice any new jammie styles available, so she must be expecting a full recovery.
Flying high ..... over the merchandise carts.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I saw a live performance of modern ballet put on by the Ballet Pixelle company. The backdrops and floor coverings were light watercolors; a very nice effect.
It takes a great deal of patience to rehearse and perform with a group in SL. Because of the problems inherit in SL - lag, round the world cast, lag - probably twice as much patience is needed. This troupe obviously has the patience it takes; everything flowed smoothly.
The cast assembled for curtain call.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pandora Moon

My friend Xavia issued an invitation for a dance at Pandora Moon a little while ago.
I was the only one with wings and bright red hair. Talk about sticking out!
That is a plant in back of an avatar, not a headdress. My mother and grandfather would remind me to use better composition.

As soon as Ayesha of Skin Within introduced her Droe Exotica skin, I knew that it would be my choice if I played there. Click on the picture for a better view of her great makeup.
This is the hair in her poster for the skin. I have the hair for my role play as a fae! It's from Nikita Fride Design.

Busy, Busy

I've been caught up in RL with deadlines. Still am, but I am working on blog posts and should have one up this evening.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dancing with Native Americans

Looking through my pictures this morning, I realized I hadn't shown you the ones from the Funkie Feats dance group celebrating Independence Day!

Usually we have a dance or two wearing fun Fourth of July costumes in patriot colors and bright stripes and stars. Anticipating this I did some grid hopping to pick up a few of the offerings from our generous designers to mix with my purchases from previous years.

This year we were in for a surprise. One of our Native American members had arranged for the Native Americans from the Sekulu sim lead by Chief Redtail to make a grand entrance for us to "celebrate the spirit of being independent."
Later when the notice came out it requested colonial clothing. My friend Emy and I had fun rummaging through our wardrobes trying on what we had. I even put on white pancake makeup to scare her with! Sooooo un-natural and appropriate for a ball at a palace in Europe, rather than the more relaxed colonies. However I did use pale make-up; they carried parasols to keep the sun's rays off of their delicate skin so to avoid tanning. I put my hair up and powdered it, while she wore hers down in charming ringlets. She found a gown she liked, loaned me one along with matching shoes, and we were all set.

Rob grilled yummy burgers and hot dogs and we relaxed and enjoyed talking with each other. I logged on too late to see the grand entrance.
I didn't remember to take pictures until after Emy left for another event. It seemed as though the circle was tighter than usual, I had a very hard time getting good ones of the regalia. I regretted forgetting to IM Xavia about it until almost the end of the dance, when it was too late.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Islands in the Sky

My friend Emy and I explored the floating islands at the Isle of Arran last night.

We had a lovely goblet of ???...mmmm....??? I'm unsure, but there was a floral taste to the liquid. Emy polished off the last of the bottle, and became quite giggly.

Then we found a pool. I waded in it, getting my wings wet.
On the top most tier, was a platform with trees growing at funny angles. Emy is a choreographer in SL and we joined in a dance high above the land. We had fun; I enjoyed seeing my friend as a fae again.

Note: the Kingdom of House Erebos has been renamed to the Isle of Arran, an island off the coast of Scotland.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lumpy Viking

Rob's cat Cwnn is lying on top of my fold-out cutting board, under the gray wool that is the next, and final pair of Viking trousers for a friend (seven pair). She is taking exception at moving out of the way.

mmm....she's not bigger than I am, but she is one big solid lump of cat and determined to remain.

My cat Boots would just reluctantly move out of the way and then when my back is turned would hop right back up and sit in the middle of the fabric and look adorable (he is very lovable). Cwnn lets me know immediately she's not budging by reaching out and sounding an obviously irritated don't-mess-with-me protest "meaaaaooow"

me: I'm sorry your pants are a bit distorted, but I couldn't help it.
friend: well, that's okay, I can make do.
me: breathes a sigh of relief!
friend: But do you think the next pair could be made by the pattern?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Japanese Folded Bag - Three Knot

Furoshiki Bag

The beauty of the two bags I will show you is they can be folded and carried in a larger bag, purse, or pocket. Then pulled out and shaped into a carry bag in seconds!

Three Knot Bag –
Materials: one square of fabric, suggested sizes 30”, 36”, 45”

1. Lay fabric square with printed side up. Keeping right sides together, fold in half to form a triangle.

2. Gather both layers of fabric between 1/3 to 1/2 way between point A and point B. Pick up corner point, flip it over and pull it through itself to form a knot. Repeat between point A and point C. Keep knotted tails the same length.

The picture shows a 45" square (1-1/4 yds) with corners knotted 1/2 way, which creates a smaller top opening for the bag. It easily slips over the shoulder, and is also short enough to carry by your side. The first thing I could think of for it to hold for display purposes was a pillow form. That is what gives it a flattish bottom. If you had a mish mash of things in it, it would look lumpy.

3. Turn bag right side out, push the knots into the corners to form the body of the bag.

4. Twist each remaining corner to form a handle. The more it is twisted, the smaller the bag will become. Tie the two corners into a square knot.

For further information, check out this website.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working Together

I was killing time late last night waiting for Rob to get home from work. TP'ed into Kabuki, an animations shop I have tons of sweet animations from that languish in my inventory because I don't know how to set up an XPOSE. He has a back massage available in the midnight mania board. Another lady and I hit the board and with less than ten slaps to go, we both started working on recruiting others to help us reach the goal of 150.
She started TP'ing in friends, while I asked everyone who was walking around the shop. We locked it down. People who appear so different in SL frequently would like to have similar things, just proving we all have common interests regardless of our skins/clothing/AOs.
I didn't bother turning around for the picture, but that's me.
mmm.... sunbeams over my face give me an odd look. It's a fun and flattering dress, but how conservative next to her laced leather bodice and fluffy tail!