Sunday, July 4, 2010

Japanese Folded Bag - Three Knot

Furoshiki Bag

The beauty of the two bags I will show you is they can be folded and carried in a larger bag, purse, or pocket. Then pulled out and shaped into a carry bag in seconds!

Three Knot Bag –
Materials: one square of fabric, suggested sizes 30”, 36”, 45”

1. Lay fabric square with printed side up. Keeping right sides together, fold in half to form a triangle.

2. Gather both layers of fabric between 1/3 to 1/2 way between point A and point B. Pick up corner point, flip it over and pull it through itself to form a knot. Repeat between point A and point C. Keep knotted tails the same length.

The picture shows a 45" square (1-1/4 yds) with corners knotted 1/2 way, which creates a smaller top opening for the bag. It easily slips over the shoulder, and is also short enough to carry by your side. The first thing I could think of for it to hold for display purposes was a pillow form. That is what gives it a flattish bottom. If you had a mish mash of things in it, it would look lumpy.

3. Turn bag right side out, push the knots into the corners to form the body of the bag.

4. Twist each remaining corner to form a handle. The more it is twisted, the smaller the bag will become. Tie the two corners into a square knot.

For further information, check out this website.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

OMG I love it Cas! I wish I had time to make one before I leave on my vacation. But I will certainly attempt one when I return. It is charming!