Thursday, June 18, 2009

BBBC - Ch'Know Rave!!

The Ch'Know group had a Rave tonight! The chatter leading up to the event was lively and constant! Many of us were ready in advance and people started decending on the party ball early!

Yes, I know, this isn't a challenge topic, but I'm so busy it's a challenge just for me to get a post up.

Here I am - the only bit of the outfit that was in my inventory was the razie's from Reaction. No "!" there - I'm pretty conservative, and much more likely to have a flapper outfit for a theme party, than plastic accessories that glow. Many thanks to Ulaa Coronet who guided me through every step, TP'ing me from shop to shop after I ran into her at Rave Nation (arm bands & wings). Bracelets are from Concrete Flowers with added glow. Ulaa loaned me the sneakers and socks (Lonemake).

And my thanks to Aniya Karu who loaned me Sn@tch fish net and kini tops. And yes, I do laundry regularly and everything will be clean when I return it. :D

I then took off to shock my good friend Stani who was at Junkyard in a rare steam punk mood! He just laughed; guess I can't shock anyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perfect Day?? Dancing & Role Play

BBBC Topic - Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

My perfect day in SL?.....I thought about that while I exercised tonight after work. What would it be like? Would it be nothing but dancing, dancing, dancing? no, too much of a good thing can be boring too!

I was human for a year and a half before I donned wings for the first time
. My perfect day would be a balance of the two, and time with good friends.

It would be a Sunday with Fae Fest, a kingdom wide dance in Aglarond choreographed by, and sponsored by fae (my friend Emy and myself). Everything would go smoothly for the event. Emy and the DJ's are always pros, but last time the stream went down when LL moved the sim to a different computer! None of that you hear?
Everyone would have a splendid time. I wouldn't be buried under IM's during the event and it wouldn't take me an hour to wrap up afterward.

Fun role play later in the afternoon.

I was invited to participate today in my role as the Banrion na Fae (Queen of the Fae). The race of Wild Elves have been abducting and attempting to abduct someone. The last reported incident was two weeks ago and the main concern has shifted to an evil being trying to take over the kingdom. Here is the notice I posted after the role play (remember space for notices is only so big)

Wild Elves serve Fae Queen tip to gods

I am proven over trusting this day. I was approached by wild elves met before & felt no harm in. A being transformed into a dragon close to us & we hid together, went down a cliff to boats, & journeyed to Drakonis.
After lulling me with fish & fine drink, they led me further to a stone circle. The male restrained me, the female cut off the tip of my wing! They had the audacity to try and sooth me & doctor my wounds! I was released.
Through my anguish my impression was they were appeasing their gods.

Just one tiny shopping excursion to instantly (haha) find the perfect little something to complete an outfit. Actually I usually blog and notice shop. I either spot something in a blog (I don't read the fashion feed) or see something in one of the few notices I read. I have way more clothing than I need. What I really need to concentrate on is a new skin that looks like me. The only one I've found is the one I bought when I joined - a limited edition from Celestial Studios.

Lively chatter on the Ch'Know friends group scattered throughout the day and evening.

That evening dancing with the Funky Feats. This is my "time to relax" clue. Not that I always do. I sometimes write blog posts, my weekly report on the fae, and notices while dancing. The only time I'm guaranteed to not be attempting to multi-task is when I am couple dancing.

And later a dreamy wrap-up to the day as I do just that! Hop on a dance ball with one of my four favorite men in SL.

Absolute perfection? A day that includes time with the people that matter the most to me in this world.

Okay, yes I enjoy dancing. I either sit around, or dance on the chim Meara gave me (thx Meara!) while doing other stuff.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Bad Blogger - me??

I started blogging on LiveJournal about five years ago. It is a partial record of my doings in the Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA), with a few posts concerning work. I still have the LJ account, although rarely update it. My hours have changed at work, I no longer can attend either the barony's month business meetings or their activities nights. I am self-motivating for a few years and after that I peter out. Enough frustrations (research results, money, material availability) will also affect how often I start a new project. I miss the meetings and make it to few events (department manger job description includes working Saturdays); and in part I compensate for that lost of social outlet with SL.

In Second Life I opened an account with blogger just for the AV pic that goes up next to comments!

I really started blogging in June 2008. It's now 130 posts later and I'm still put something up here occasionally. I always have posts waiting in the wings so to speak. I don't have enough time to get them all up.
I joined the SL Bloggers group this week on Noel's recommendation - does that make me an official blogger??

I really enjoyed the reading the entries for the bloggers challenge last year. I started right after that, when Creag put a link in one of his posts to my blog and it only had three posts.

Has blogging enriched my SL? I'm not really sure. I know other bloggers efforts have though. I stumbled across a response to Ali's "5 Things I Couldn't Live Without". That one post set my life in SL on a new path!

blog has definitely had the most influence on my SL. She
is directly responsible for my becoming a card-carrying role-playing fae which brought me in touch with one of my best friends - Creag. Dyami's post nudged me to my first Hump Day party and Cen invited me to join the Ch'Know friends group. I've rolled with laughter over posts from Ali, Tym and other Ch'Know friends. Tym and Jerremy's generosity to newbies through Starting Point housing has put me in touch with other people and brought me another friend, Xavia. I have shed tears over posts by these amazing people, laughed with their silliness, felt for their heartache.

SL has enriched my life because of the people I would have never known without it. My hat's off to each and every one of you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laleeta's Rez Day Party

The Ch'Know friends group conspired to pull off a birthday party for Laleeta last Sunday! The b'day girl turned the big One!

Lala, looking cute, surrounded by friends.The gentlemen were obliging and pulled off their shirts so we ladies could enjoy their toned muscles.

Beach party central on Bluebonnet

Ali DJ'd for her friend. Here she is dancing with Noel, who is showing off his great legs :D
This is the best picture I have of the Laleeta dolls everyone was given as a party favor. We all cuddled them while we danced.

Looking off to the dunes with pictures and portraits of Laleeta in the background

One of the things Ch'Know friends do for you - send cutouts or posters of themselves if they can't be there for you! Although Bone couldn't make it, Sehra helped celebrate

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mer Dance in Aglarond

There was a Dance of the Merfolk in Aglarond Sunday! This was a dream of Klara's, the mer race leader for the kingdom.

Aglarond has some beautiful spots for the mer. There was some thought the occupancy caps might be too small so Klara created this setting in the depths near the fortress with coral, kelp, treasure chests and a large turtle.

Klara, in the striking red tail. Two of the five fae that attended are Deodar and Lolli. They didn't have a chance to don a mer tail, however fae won't drown and their wings will enable them to move underwater.

Ysera, who is a cute little dragon, joined in. Click on pictures for a larger image.

Emy, Tori, a lady I don't recogize, Tulsa and myself

Emy's choreography makes it all happen. TinaMarie Beck was the DJ engaged for the event. Her stream had problems before it started.
Tulsa came to the rescue by streaming her play list for the dance.

Zelda and Destiny traded in their white angel wings for a time.

The one with the golden tail on the far left is BB Bailey! She was an angel in Aglarond and visited for the dance; it was great to see her.

The dance is joined by Khy, the really large dragon, who considerately asked if he was too big. Happily the area was large enough for him to join in.

There were at least eighteen in attendance representing five races. I was really excited to see such a wonderful turnout and delighted for Klara at the success of her first mer dance. Emy did a good job working with the small number of dances she could locate for the mer. Around fifty seems very limiting when she is used to over 300.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eeech What a Sunday!

Weeh! What a day in SL yesterday was! with a little RL thrown in..

PhotoShop for Emy to provide her with tights on the underpants layer to give her coverage for her mermaid tail. I didn't get my own done. I'm modest, and so I was a little surprised that no one commented on my particularly sexy tail!!

Aglarond's Mer Dance - a wonderful turnout with a mixture of races.


Laleeta's Rez Day Party - a popular member of the Ch'Know group - she turned the big One! Happy Rez Day Lala!

I left before the end to make it to a store before it closed - and groceries for dinner were necessary. Then of course putting them away and cooking. Some of those mundane chores that cut into our fun.

Alli (former AG fae) and Dooby's housewarming party. I'll be visiting again to look at the house itself.

Funky Feats dance event - Broadway show tunes. I became Maria from West Side Story. "you are Maria!!!" "the most beautiflul sound in a single word" "Maria!" *smile* I gotta love that man


In late night (for me) Ch'K chat one of the members said that he is having surgery today. There ensued a flurry revolving around picture taking to give him something he would enjoy looking at during recovery. Not posting that one.

The only one I made it to for the entire event (went early and stayed) was the Mer Dance. I wanted it to go really well for Klara, the Mer Leader - and it did. Those will be the first pictures I'm going to post.

There were two events I didn't make it to. Thankfully my days in SL are never that busy! If yesterday was typical, I'd reverse the clock a year and only do the activities I enjoyed then. I'll let you in on a little secret - in SL you can do that at least to a certain extent. Pictures to follow!

All of this was liberally interlaced with talking with friends and other role players including Lolli, my race leader #2. I am very pleased to say that we stay in close touch. We brainstorm frequently and things are in the works!