Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mer Dance in Aglarond

There was a Dance of the Merfolk in Aglarond Sunday! This was a dream of Klara's, the mer race leader for the kingdom.

Aglarond has some beautiful spots for the mer. There was some thought the occupancy caps might be too small so Klara created this setting in the depths near the fortress with coral, kelp, treasure chests and a large turtle.

Klara, in the striking red tail. Two of the five fae that attended are Deodar and Lolli. They didn't have a chance to don a mer tail, however fae won't drown and their wings will enable them to move underwater.

Ysera, who is a cute little dragon, joined in. Click on pictures for a larger image.

Emy, Tori, a lady I don't recogize, Tulsa and myself

Emy's choreography makes it all happen. TinaMarie Beck was the DJ engaged for the event. Her stream had problems before it started.
Tulsa came to the rescue by streaming her play list for the dance.

Zelda and Destiny traded in their white angel wings for a time.

The one with the golden tail on the far left is BB Bailey! She was an angel in Aglarond and visited for the dance; it was great to see her.

The dance is joined by Khy, the really large dragon, who considerately asked if he was too big. Happily the area was large enough for him to join in.

There were at least eighteen in attendance representing five races. I was really excited to see such a wonderful turnout and delighted for Klara at the success of her first mer dance. Emy did a good job working with the small number of dances she could locate for the mer. Around fifty seems very limiting when she is used to over 300.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography! --Stani

Emyly Beaumont said...

I agree with Stani - this is the best photography you have done yet. And I think this MerDance was the most difficult I have ever done in SL and it was not only because of the small number of dances...