Monday, June 8, 2009

Eeech What a Sunday!

Weeh! What a day in SL yesterday was! with a little RL thrown in..

PhotoShop for Emy to provide her with tights on the underpants layer to give her coverage for her mermaid tail. I didn't get my own done. I'm modest, and so I was a little surprised that no one commented on my particularly sexy tail!!

Aglarond's Mer Dance - a wonderful turnout with a mixture of races.


Laleeta's Rez Day Party - a popular member of the Ch'Know group - she turned the big One! Happy Rez Day Lala!

I left before the end to make it to a store before it closed - and groceries for dinner were necessary. Then of course putting them away and cooking. Some of those mundane chores that cut into our fun.

Alli (former AG fae) and Dooby's housewarming party. I'll be visiting again to look at the house itself.

Funky Feats dance event - Broadway show tunes. I became Maria from West Side Story. "you are Maria!!!" "the most beautiflul sound in a single word" "Maria!" *smile* I gotta love that man


In late night (for me) Ch'K chat one of the members said that he is having surgery today. There ensued a flurry revolving around picture taking to give him something he would enjoy looking at during recovery. Not posting that one.

The only one I made it to for the entire event (went early and stayed) was the Mer Dance. I wanted it to go really well for Klara, the Mer Leader - and it did. Those will be the first pictures I'm going to post.

There were two events I didn't make it to. Thankfully my days in SL are never that busy! If yesterday was typical, I'd reverse the clock a year and only do the activities I enjoyed then. I'll let you in on a little secret - in SL you can do that at least to a certain extent. Pictures to follow!

All of this was liberally interlaced with talking with friends and other role players including Lolli, my race leader #2. I am very pleased to say that we stay in close touch. We brainstorm frequently and things are in the works!

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