Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Thursday

One of the things I love about SL is the happy surprises. Someone asks you to blog something, gives you a gift, bestows upon you wonderful words that make you feel warm inside, the new build/view/person around the corner that you didn't expect.

A few days ago, I had one of those surprises.

I met Stanislav (named for a "widely read" Polish Science Fiction/philosophical writer -
Stanislav/Stanislaw Lem) in May 2008 at an animation shop! He asked a question, I was the one who answered. We started talking and he took me sailing in SL (my first time). We hung around some (I remember a tour of a museum), IM'd a fair amount and then in August real life took over. He was offered a new position that involved a change of employers, a move to a new city, different responsibilities. My friend disappeared off the face of Second Life.

Fast forward to Christmas. I sent him Greetings via an IM in SL. He replied via email.

Low and behold a few days ago, I was totally surprised to see a chat window pop open with his name on it!!!!! Stani !!!! One of the best surprises - an old friend that pops up again unexpectedly!

He joined me for a while. We began to get caught up on what has been happening in our lives. I'm sure I surprised him when I told him that I consider him a friend, we just don't know each other in Real Life.

I'm keeping an eye on him, so he can't disappear again immediately!

I was at a themed night dancing with the Funky Feats....our attentive audience! No not really, they are far too busy chatting and dancing to pay any attention to us.

Post Script ~ ~ ~

A year has pasted since this post. We are a couple in SL and spend quite a bit of time together in live chat talking about stuff and junk and getting to know each other that much better. We have a very solid relationship, and a true friendship that goes beyond SL.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Thursday on a Friday

It's Friday again? And I haven't posted my Happy Thursday; how did that happen? Oh yes, role play class last night. As it happens RP pertains to my post this week.

/me stands and sweeps her hand in an arc to encompass all she sees "Greetings, I am Casandra, Banrion na Fae for the Kingdom of Aglarond."

One of the things that I like about Aglarond is that it is home to many races. It still amazes me that I am the queen of fae for the top ranked role play environment in SL! (b-places)

I enjoy role playing a sidhe, or fairy. One of the advantages of being fae is that I do not need to trudge the paths and climb the rocky slopes. I can flit and fly wherever I like, which brings me to my topic - Wings!

Wings are a necessity. Although I don't show any in this post, I have a pack of Seven Selection wings that are pretty. I wear them to match certain garments or when I want bright, simple wings that express my femininity.

One of my constants is my top choice for wings. My absolute favorite wing creator is Violaine Villota. I don't have a fat pack. Oh no, but I have eight, count them eight pairs of wings (I believe it's six designs) from Fancy Fairy.

The shading is complex; good highlights and shadows that create much more depth than most wings.

Read the poster carefully before purchasing - available are both flexi wings, and script based animated wings that open, drop, close, and different speeds of flutter.

The poses are by my friend Sai of Imperial Elegance. The gown in the second photo is an example of the clothing at Fancy Fairy. Info for other apparel, jewelry and hair happily supplied upon request.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion Disaster Deluxe!

A Fashion Disaster party was held last yesterday. Behold the results!

I am disappointed that I didn't get a really good one of the demo outfit. She was wearing seven demos from the skin (horizontal faint lines - can't see what you look like) to silks over her jeans - signs waving as she danced. It was brilliant!

Somehow many of our friends are still beautiful even dressed in ways they normally would never be seen outside the privacy of their homes within seconds of trying on an item!

And then others I would never recognize in a million years!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elven Forest

Oak Core, a wild elf in the kingdom of Aglarond, invited me to visit Elven Forest with him!

As you can see, it is an attractive, restful land. I recognized the stone ruins off to the right as I walked down the path. I visited this lovely spot in my search of fae of other lands to speak with. The last picture in this post is of an impulsive fae child hugging me at the ruins.

Oak asked me if I liked to eat mushrooms. A harmless question? No, not at all, one bite and we were immediately transported to......

Wheee! Look at the pretty lights!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Thursday - Ch'Know

Hey, it's Thursday and I'm on time, will wonders never cease..!

I am so thankful for the friends group I'm in that I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate them. If any of you Ch'Know members wonder why you have me hanging around - Cen invited me to join...I really miss her.

I'm not one of the really active members. But I do pop up with comments in group chat most days and make it to almost all of the Hump Day events and occasionally another dance during the week or an inventory sorting party. We hop onto pose stands and wonder how in the world we ended up with _____!! What were we thinking?? I usually turn into Cinderella and flee out the door around midnight (9pm SLT) when Rob gets home from work so we can have some time together.

The Hump Day parties are almost always themed. This one was what we wear to bed. Ali decorated with a giant bed, side table and lamp and completed the theme with a doll house in the corner causing us to appear doll-sized! Did you ever wonder if your dolls and stuffed toys played together when after you fell asleep? Now you know for certain...YES!

Jerremy, Tym, Sophia, Bon, Nikki and ___ (can't recognize her with pink hair). Had to show Bon's Easter costume. He never completely rezzed for me before he changed into great Monopoly PJ's.

There was a good turn out for last night's theme of leather. Ali gave us two days notice to dig through our closets and put together an outfit. It was interesting to me (I am a buyer for a fabric shop) that everyone who paired their black leather with a color chose hot pink!

I was really unhappy with the way my leather skirt and boots behaved. The knees looked like I had two athletic knee pads that were shifting around and a leather skirt that split open in front ;(

Going afk around this group has consequences...Noel was ringed!

Sophia and Skyhawke host 80's rock parties each week at their photography studio. Sky is a very talented photographer.

I don't have any pictures on the borrowed computer I'm on, but Noelyci hosts a dance Tuesdays at Conatus that Tristan DJ's. We have lots of good music, good friends opportunities each week.

Cas stretches out her arms and gives a BIG hug to the whole wonderful group!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fae Fest

The Kingdom of Aglarond was hit with a devastating flood a couple of weeks ago. A few were lost to the waters or injuries contributed to the flooding and rescue operations. That weekend after the flood waters had barely begun to recede, individuals from all, or almost all, of the races that live in the kingdom, got together for a celebration of life!

Our choreographer Emy, and DJ Otawan, selected dance steps and music nicely suited to our first Fae Fest in Aglarond, and they did a superb job handling the change of location on short notice (my thanks to Essie and Maralee for their help with this).

Click on the pictures for easier viewing.

Crista, Temperance, myself and another lady join in dance

Swee sitting in the middle of the circle with us dancing around her. She later joined in.

Freddy, a centaur and a ghostly elf, Linwe, who haunted the event!

Onlookers watching the festivities

Dancing near the small pavilion with the flooded plains of Aglarond in the background; rejoicing that we survived.

Around thirty attended! It was a wonderful turnout! Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event. Casandra gives a big smile and hugs you back!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Thursday on a Friday

Here it is again - Friday, and I'm just now doing my Happy Thursday post. Thursdays are just way busy for me.

I want to talk about friends, casual male friends in particular. I really appreciate them. I am so glad that they think of me, and stay in touch.

Yesterday I dressed up and went to the Funky Feats couples dance that Hevy choreographs. There are a few couples, and singles that pair up for the evening.

A frog dancing along with the music next to Emalee and Hevy.

There were no available men when I arrived, so I started swaying to the music and enjoying the silly conversation. A few minutes later, Hevy rezzed a dance ball in front of me, stepped on it and held out his hand to me while RedRider "Red" was typing "cas would you like to dance" I managed to tap my chim (on the third try) and stop dancing. As I hopped on the ball, Hevy stood up (he saw Red's invitation). Red stepped on the ball and Hevy asked another lady. All within seconds! It looked like a sitcom!

Then Red joined me for Emy's Romantic Couples dance at Swoon. Being Red, he did not remove his trademark hat or cigar. That's Skippy on his shoulder, he's a great pet.

I'm obviously kicking my up my heels and having a great time. I majorly LOVE ballroom dancing, the music and the opportunity to dress in a gown and be twirled around the floor creates an enjoyable evening.

Another friend is Falasslond. A couple of days ago Fal invited me over to his home to see his new baby girl! Her name is Celeste.

A very light fae looks very much out of place in a dark role play land complete with vampires. Daddy gave his sweet girl a pacifier so she couldn't accidentally bite me.

You really have to trust someone in SL to let them hold your baby! They are no copy, and you absolutely must give them back, or the proud parents will lose their precious little one.

This post "Dancing the Night Away" features Hevy and another of my friends, Tulsa.

If I weren't on a borrowed computer so that my folders of photos are unavailable, I would spotlight several male friends that enrich my SL by thinking of me from time to time and including me in their world. A big thank you to each and every one of them!

Monday, April 6, 2009

How Big is It Quiz

The latest silly thing going around is this fast little quiz. Ali said she would like to see blogger results

Your Ego is Small
You are quite humble. You try not to spend too much time congratulating yourself.
You're proud of who you are, but you're also secure. You don't need to brag.

You see yourself and others in a pretty realistic way. You appreciate strengths and faults.
You respect people and believe that you can learn from them

I also took the 10 minute mind quiz you see above it when you navigate to the test page. I made it all of the way through the ten questions, but balked when it wanted me to enter my cell phone number to receive my IQ !!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aglarond Flooded!!

As King Creag reported on his blog, the Kingdom of Aglarond flooded last week! There were sights that we never thought we would see.

The new village damaged by flood waters and invaded by sea serpents.

The castle fortress and environs amid the swirling waters.

Captain Marcc sailing his ship across the walkways next to the fortress. Just to the right is a large platform built due to the high waters.

The fortress ballroom was converted to a make-shift hospital to care for the weary and injured.

Sweecahcahche on dragonback, myself, and Marcc searching for our High Queen Hispa. She went in search of her love King Yian, and disappeared. She has since been found, and restored to her people.