Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fae Fest

The Kingdom of Aglarond was hit with a devastating flood a couple of weeks ago. A few were lost to the waters or injuries contributed to the flooding and rescue operations. That weekend after the flood waters had barely begun to recede, individuals from all, or almost all, of the races that live in the kingdom, got together for a celebration of life!

Our choreographer Emy, and DJ Otawan, selected dance steps and music nicely suited to our first Fae Fest in Aglarond, and they did a superb job handling the change of location on short notice (my thanks to Essie and Maralee for their help with this).

Click on the pictures for easier viewing.

Crista, Temperance, myself and another lady join in dance

Swee sitting in the middle of the circle with us dancing around her. She later joined in.

Freddy, a centaur and a ghostly elf, Linwe, who haunted the event!

Onlookers watching the festivities

Dancing near the small pavilion with the flooded plains of Aglarond in the background; rejoicing that we survived.

Around thirty attended! It was a wonderful turnout! Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event. Casandra gives a big smile and hugs you back!

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