Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Thursday

One of the things I love about SL is the happy surprises. Someone asks you to blog something, gives you a gift, bestows upon you wonderful words that make you feel warm inside, the new build/view/person around the corner that you didn't expect.

A few days ago, I had one of those surprises.

I met Stanislav (named for a "widely read" Polish Science Fiction/philosophical writer -
Stanislav/Stanislaw Lem) in May 2008 at an animation shop! He asked a question, I was the one who answered. We started talking and he took me sailing in SL (my first time). We hung around some (I remember a tour of a museum), IM'd a fair amount and then in August real life took over. He was offered a new position that involved a change of employers, a move to a new city, different responsibilities. My friend disappeared off the face of Second Life.

Fast forward to Christmas. I sent him Greetings via an IM in SL. He replied via email.

Low and behold a few days ago, I was totally surprised to see a chat window pop open with his name on it!!!!! Stani !!!! One of the best surprises - an old friend that pops up again unexpectedly!

He joined me for a while. We began to get caught up on what has been happening in our lives. I'm sure I surprised him when I told him that I consider him a friend, we just don't know each other in Real Life.

I'm keeping an eye on him, so he can't disappear again immediately!

I was at a themed night dancing with the Funky Feats....our attentive audience! No not really, they are far too busy chatting and dancing to pay any attention to us.

Post Script ~ ~ ~

A year has pasted since this post. We are a couple in SL and spend quite a bit of time together in live chat talking about stuff and junk and getting to know each other that much better. We have a very solid relationship, and a true friendship that goes beyond SL.

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