Sunday, November 30, 2008

My SL Start Up Routine

Laleeta started a meme "Things I Do When I Log On". She thinks the bloggers have been too quiet lately, so to comply with her request - but probably not of interest to anyone - here is my start up routine :D

1. Online I read the news headlines and click on stories of interest

2. Check my AV's email. I usually check my personal email later, after my first cup of coffee.

3. Read new posts on the blogs I follow.

4. Look at sidebars on a couple of blogs to see if any post titles catch my eye and follow those links.

5. Log into SL

6. Deal with notices, inventory offers etc to clear the upper right-hand corner of the monitor

7. Look at, and respond to, IMs

8. Check to see who's online. I know what state a few friends live in, so sometimes I'm surprised to see ____ on so early! There are some people who are usually on when I log on and even if we don't usually speak, it feels friendly because they are available if we want to. silly isn't it?

What I want to do determines what I wear, so .....

Follow up on anything that caught my fashion eye from the posts I read

11. Start working on what I planned to do that day. For someone that is not involved in anything major (not a designer, only assists in a occasional role play, not a fashionista, etc) I'm still fairly busy.

My goal today is to fix a door on the house that swings too far open - half of it disappears into the wall!

During my evening in SL, I often change again - either for choreographed dancing with my friend Emy or with the Funky Feats. Or I'll become a fae for role play, although frequently very few people are around when I finally get to Aglarond. So I usually explore a bit or relax at the huge tree near the village or at Balsidhe na Uiamh, the household holdings of the fae King, Creag.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Merrick handed out his Big Christmas Antlers to the Ch'Know group yesterday. I just had to try them on right away. I thought the way I looked was amusing enough to share! :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Decorations

For Thanksgiving I "searched" for decorations so that I could discover new-to-me designers and not just fall back on my favorite shop for Christmas goodies.

I knew I wanted a garland for the porch and deck railings. These colorful maple leaves are from "The Little Thanksgiving Shop". They're set up for Christmas too.

After looking through six or seven shops, I headed for PondLife. I picked up cute sculptie pumpkin candles, a centerpiece and a cornucopia.

Back at the house, the centerpiece and candles went out nicely. I hit a snag with the cornucopia - it left my inventory, but didn't rez! I really hate it when things disappear into cyberspace. LL was not reporting difficulties, it wasn't laggy, it just poofed. It's not under the table, I can't locate it under the foundation, or at the edge of the sim boundary. And no, it's still not in my lost and found hours later.

I will IM/notecard designers with questions, problems, desires. And I've spoken with Eladon a few times, but I'm not going to ask him to replace something minor. So back I went to pick up another.

Here I am lamenting the disappearance! What I'm really hoping is that those prims aren't floating around somewhere; I want every prim in use for maximum effect!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Grateful

My I'm Grateful List -

1. I am thankful for the good health my family and I enjoy. In RL & SL I know quite a few people who either don't now, or haven't had, good health.

My husband and I are both overworked - he much more so than I - however we have good jobs in RL. We are both are appreciated by our employers and the people that we help every day and that means a great deal to me.

3. I am grateful for my extra good friends in SL, for the ones that I am always, always thrilled to hear from.

4. My friends in both worlds - there are so many wonderful people that have enriched my life, that I would have missed knowing if we hadn't moved to this area and if I wasn't in SL.

5. I delight in the change of seasons. I wish this area had a bit more snow though. The colors of autumn makes it my favorite.

6. I am continually amazed at how creative the content artists of SL are! What fertile imaginations create the wondrous world of SL!

7 & 8.
When I was introduced to SL, the first man I met said the thing he liked the best was being able to fly! Strange..!? He said the world was so big you had to fly and teleport to get around!!! Wow! I always wanted to be Peter Pan. Part of my time in SL is spent as a fae - pretty wings and all! As a sci fi/fantasy fan the only bad part about TP'ing is not getting to see special effects for it. I know they are available, but I'm not going to lag everyone to do it.

9. The Ch'Know group. I was quite surprised when Cen invited me, and still don't really feel like I should be in it. But I love how the group are friends that just talk. Talk about anything and everything at anytime someone feels like saying hi, how they share their happy times and their sadness and just stuff and junk. It is so refreshing to be in a group where talk is welcome, where as soon as someone asks a question, they aren't jumped for spamming.

10. And of course, my blog readers. Thank you for taking your time to read of my life and adventures in SL.
I know I have readers outside of America, I hope you have a really good day. To my fellow Americans, I hope you have a very enjoyable Turkey Day. Don't eat yourself sick, ok?

*group hug*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Have a House

On her blog Quaintly reflected on decorating her house. My comment grew to the point I thought it would be better to make a post of it.

My house was designed for me - an old-fashioned beach house with big windows and porches and a deck. I would love to have one like it in RL. I spend a LOT of time choosing just the right furniture and accessories to make it as welcoming as possible.

I do it because it is the one home I can have exactly the way I want it, and in the environment (beach) I want to live in. I can't do that in RL. In RL there are others to consider, so of course compromise enters into any major decision. However it's less than 2 miles to a beach and I'm there fairly often. Yay!!

Unlike FL, in SL I only have curtains in the bedroom and no draperies in the other rooms because I love light, I love looking out at the sky. Still most of my SL time is spent outdoors. I rarely have company, and except for my bf, they only occasionally come indoors.

Having a home, in particular having land makes me feel more grounded in SL. I had a really nice skybox that I was quite happy with, but I was restless. I went shopping and dancing and shopping and ....way too much. I find with a plot of land, I am more content and I enjoy hanging out at home.

Some day I'll try a party!! (and leave the doors open) Don't everyone faint now from the shock *giggles*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jerremy's Rez Day Party - #1

Jerremy's first RezDay was yesterday! Tymmerie threw a big bash for her love. At one point the map said 30 people were enjoying the party!

Tym has a great deal of fun carefully choosing what to include in her party buffets.

Jerremy the "Birthday Glam Rocker"


DJ's Ravishal and GoSpeed - KONA Radio is on iTunes now!! Congratulations!!

Kirasha - Palermo - Katerine

The decorations were terrific; tons of rock n' roll posters and huge records to dance on!! very clever

Jerremy's Rez Day Party - #2

Margo - Aisuru - Tristan - Alicia

There were quite a few people who plurk there and I tried to include them along with the regular bunch that gets together for fun at the Hump Day parties. The plurkers had fun meeting each other in world for the first time.

Katerine - Seikatsu-Twinkles

Bevan - Tristan - Tym

Stacie - Zachary - Nikkidancer

Sharine - Kimberlee - Cerrie

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Move - Openspace

Shortly after my neighbor moved my landlord told me he was closing the island because everyone wanted to live on openspace sims. He had held out all summer while he watched his renters leave and finally gave into the inevitable.

He showed me another property, a great deal of land for the same rent and asked if I would like any changes in the terraforming. The next day it was ready. I started packing. I knew I loved prims - wow - what a lot of items it takes to make a house look like a home!!

Everything was packed on the last day but the house when my plot of land became an dessert island! A very lonely little island.

My new piece of heaven. I love that my landlord shaped it just the way I requested and I've had fun doing additional terraforming. No almost 90 degree angles here!!

How do I landscape so much land with essentially the same number of available prims?? It looks so very empty.......

Just then - while I was in the middle of the move - Linden Labs let out the announcement that tier was going up drastically for openspace. Good grief!!

I keep Cas on a budget that I don't intend on increasing. I would have quite happily stayed on my first plot of land.
I am so very sick of moving, but I don't know if she can swing the as yet unannounced raise in rent.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hump Day - Sports

Luna - Arminasx - Haley

It's not that I have no ideas (incl. scribbled notes) for posts, but RL has been kicking my tush lately in more than one way so I've been quite remiss. I'm so out of it I totally forgot I had show interface on the last time I was snapping pics :( so there are a couple of bits showing that shouldn't.

Last nights Hump Day party theme was Sports. I particularly loved Dyami's hockey gear. Crap had his own revolving afk notice, which I couldn't resist snapping a pic of!

Tymmerie cheering on her favorite team member - Jerremy with a pillow to soften the hits he takes


QueenKellee in a super cute retro tennis dress!

Crap sitting on a pole on the dock

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blogger/Plurker Challenge - SL/RL Look-A-Like

If you don't like to see what people look like in RL, DO NOT allow your eyes below this line.

I read about Kristi Mauerer's challenge of making an AV that is close to your RL self. This feels like I'm cheating since all I did was try to recreate the portrait - lol. So.... find a gown with spaghetti straps, attempt (and fail) to find a red necklace, take off my glasses, find pink roses that wouldn't' stay in the picture with me, and slide down my sand bank several times trying to stand still in front of the gray rock face.

wheew! for something so simple, it took a lot of time!! lol

I decided before I ever logged on that I wanted to see myself having fun. So I created my AV in my image.
I tweaked my height to my FL 5'8". I stood in front of the full length mirror and made proportional measurements - this proportion of my height is head, legs, arms etc. And I thought I did a pretty good job.

As my first six months rolled along I received three comments that caused me to go back to the sliders. "Your stomach does not stick out past your breasts" husband. "You need a boob job, they don't' sag that much" lady who introduced me to SL, "your tummy isn't that round" good friend.

I went in spurts of looking for the right glasses. I don't wear them for photos "light reflects off of them" mom. I IM'd a lady who was wearing almost perfect ones in her profile pic and she surprised me by gifting me with them!! designer!

I had given up on finding the right eyes and was happily wearing Miriel's. Christmas came and my SL bf gifted me with the eyes he created for me! My eyes! Hazel with gold bursts around the pupil.

What has been next to impossible is hair styles. I've seen all the styles I wore when I had long hair. I wear it at least 3 different ways now and the only one even close looks like mine on a humid day when I'm not working!

Here's the comparison pic taken earlier this year!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Days

Cen told us about her first few days in Second Life, and threw out a challenge that we do the same.

This is a picture of me about 3 months after I logged on with the only skin I wear and my favorite hair at the time. For the only early picture I can find, look here. ugh

I had an unusual introduction to SL. The person that told my husband and I about SL had heard about it on NPR (National Public Radio). He created an AV the next weekend and went through orientation out into the wide wide world. He found a club he enjoyed within days and within a few weeks became management there. He settled in quickly and beautifully.

My computer was five years old and humming right along with no problems. It had been upgraded and handled my favorite game Diablo II - Lord of Destruction just fine. But it wouldn't handle SL, so I looked over his shoulder and saw the bright shiny world and was fascinated. To learn more about SL, I did a search on the internet and started reading blogs!

The timing for my entry into the world was event based. He learned Simone was having a yard sale - clothing, shoes, hair - at reasonable prices! Just the opportunity he wanted me to have getting started.

Even though he was right by my side talking me through it, my visit to orientation island was frustrating. I didn't find parts of it all that clear, I did do some action that is required and
came close to giving up for the night before the Linden gods finally acknowledged that I had completed it and let me move past that spot. I had never heard of lag.

I passed out into an info hub and thought "what a LOT of space, for so few things".

The next day he gave me an incredible amount of lindens and turned me loose on the sale! And told me to shop until I had a wardrobe that could carry me. I am both a careful shopper and an impulsive shopper. I look over everything in one particular category thoughtfully considering it and make what I feel are wise decisions. Then I'll throw in a few "I like that one too, why not??" items. I spent three days shopping that sale occasionally hearing "haven't you bought everything yet?" from my husband. Note that careful isn't fast!

I then spent days just trying to move without slamming into walls, flying over cliffs, landing on people or into embarrassing situations by my own actions. LoD is a point and click game. You click on where you want to be and you automatically walk or run there. I had no experience moving myself with arrow keys and had a terrible time doing so.

He took me to buy my smile.
I was uncomfortable being seen in public with the original skin and without a decent walk. My friend recommended a ZHAO. So I took the lindens I had left and the LM's from my husband and spent more time carefully shopping. This time for walks and sits and stands to load into the ZHAO (with help). I was incredulous that my AV didn't come equipped with a decent walk!!!

I was totally adrift in the world.

"I poop rainbows" shirt

I finally made it back in to ETD to pick up the last hair style I wanted and just happened to be wearing Kesseret Steeplechases' promptitude gift she passed out to her KessKreations group yesterday. The shirt says "I poop rainbows" on the front "and fart kittycats" on the back.

This is an promptitude fun present based on SLsecret week #13 on Shopping Cart Disco - see graphic at bottom of page.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lace or Latex tonight??

Dress - Cover Girl (no longer available)

Gown - Nicky Ree "June" check out the wonderful detail

There has been discussion lately about how we ladies come across to others. We make personal choices for skin, hair, apparel and accessories that reflect who we are, or who we want to be, or just do it for that moment of impulsive fun.

This weekend I attended a dance my good friend Emy choreographs at Linri's Palace. I wore the black dress above; it shows off my legs and shoulders and has a nice flippy skirt.
I knew most of the people there; we talked about all kinds of things. No one said a word about my dress.

Then Jenn, another girlfriend, asked me to come to a club where she is a host and said latex was appropriate for the theme that evening. I told her that I don't own any latex, but I would double check my closet. I remembered this Nicky Ree gown called "June". I knew at the time I purchased it, that it has a highly synthetic glossy look about it, but I so loved the floral applique that I took a chance on the gown. I rarely wear it, and when I do I wear a fuller skirt that doesn't emphasis the latex appearance so much. However for this event, I chose the skirt that molds to my body. At the dance one of the ladies commented on how much she loved the gown.

Afterwords I went dancing with a friend. I didn't change first. He made two separate comments "Hi there!! NICE DRESS!!!" And then a couple of minutes later "That really is one stunning dress"
I believe it was way it drapes, rather than the latex that really appealed. We are mostly IM friends, but when I see him in world I don't recall any comments on my clothing and he certainly hasn't displayed that level of enthusiasm before. Yes, it is an absolutely stunning gown.

That's it; no analysis or condemnation of clothing choices anyone might make; just a personal experience. It does occur to me if you want to step up a relationship one notch, you might try splurging on a new gown.


I took a pose ball set out of inventory last night; clicked on it to tweak the location and it poofed on me! Wonder if the poser would believe me if I say SL ate it? And no it's not hidden away in my inventory.

I took pictures yesterday for a new post, wrote it up, then I got busy and pooped out before I checked some details. SL is so harfed this morning that it took me 30 minutes of trying before I managed to log on (probably stupid when it's that broken). Attempting to log on I saw something new to me - an image of where I was when I logged off superimposed over the log in window image! After I managed to get on, I attempted a TP to the shop to find out if the dress was still available, and was logged off. That's it; I quit!

Friday, November 7, 2008

One Word MeMe

I saw this on Bettye Dugan's blog.

"This will definitely be a challenge, but try it -- You can only type a one word answer. It's not as easy as you might think..."

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair? red
4. Your mother? judgmental
5. Your father? temperamental
6. Your favorite thing? togetherness
7. Did you dream last night? yes
8. Your dream? forgotten
9. The room you're in? sewing
10. Your hobby? re-enactment
11. Where you want to be in 6 years? happy
12. Where were you last night? work/home
13. What you're not? contentious
14. Favorite muffin? honey bran
15. One of your wish list items? debtless
16. Where you grew up? Kansas, USA
17. The last thing you did? groceries
18. What are you wearing? crops
19. Your TV? CNN
20. Your pets? 2cats
21. Your computer? AOpen
22. Your life? good
23. Your mood? content
24. Missing someone? yes
25. Your car? mini-van
26. Something you're not wearing? hose
27. Your favorite store? NYandCo
28. Your summer? humid
29. Love someone? plural
30. Your favorite color? red
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. Last time you cried? weeks


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yum, Yummm Good!

The Hump Day party last night was eatable! Anyone who was hungry, just got hungrier! Munchies of all sorts abounded in response to the "Food" theme.

Sehra looking sweet as Candy Corn!

Ali, Cen and Dyami

SaviorSam and Alexander with a taco hat

Myself and Nikkidancer as line dancers for Elora. Her cute costume included a strawberry backpack!

These themed parties are sooo much fun! Thank you Ali; and thank you Cen for hosting them! If you haven't been to one yet, check Ali's or Cen's blog for details and drop by sometime. It's a friendly, welcoming bunch of people.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's In !! - President Elect Barack Obama

American's voted in Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States yesterday.

He carried with 338 electoral votes - over two times John McCain's 163. I don't believe in electoral votes. The voting system was set up over two hundred years ago for a reason and that reason is no longer valid. We have had presidents elected by electoral vote, who did not have the popular vote. I felt that it was very important for the winning candidate in this race to garner the popular vote. Obama has a decisive victory with the people also - 52% 62,509,207 to 48% 55,438,509.

I reside in Virginia; and I must say I have enjoyed living in a battleground state that the Nation watches closely in races. It took a long time to call Virginia because it was a such a close race.
As a state Virginia hasn't voted for a Democrat since President Lyndon Johnson who campaigned on the promise to carry on John Kennedy's dream. CNN called Virginia for Obama and immediately turned around and called the county for Obama!

The voting precinct I reside in had record turnout and was won for Obama by only two votes! Yes everyone, your personal individual vote does count!

If you watched the acceptance speech, did you notice that it was not a typical speech of it's kind? He referred to his running mate Joe Biden as Vice-President Elect, he refered to his wife as the next First Lady, but never did he refer to himself as the next President of the United States of America. He in no way put himself on a pedestal as so many politicians do. His speech had a different tone than what I think of as a typical acceptance speech. One of hope, and expectation that we really can bridge gaps and band together across party lines for the good of our citizens.

Please, please, don't let us down.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Time America!

It's Time America!

It's Time to Vote! Everyone reading this who is American, please go to the polls and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Where I work, a US congresswoman and her supporters came in a few weeks ago. One of the ladies needed something. When she realized she didn't have her purse with her, the congresswoman made the purchase teasing her the whole time. She shook my hand and walked out the door without soliciting a single vote or mentioning who she was!
Mine was also the only handshake. I liked that.

A few weeks ago a lady came in, not to garner support for a candidate, but to encourage employees to register to vote. I told her we all vote. She gave me a disbelieving look. I assured her - "No really, we do!" Each and every one of us exercises that right, that privilege, every citizen in the United States has to have a say in who runs our state and our country.

Ever read Starship Trooper? Seeing the movie doesn't count. By joining the corps and serving, they earn the right to a vote. It is an honor guaranteed by service. We as Americans, don't have to risk our lives as they did. Our voting privilege was granted to us as a right by our founding fathers. Let's do it!


It is raining this morning. I reached the polling place at 6:10, ten minutes after they opened. It took me a hour and 40 minutes to cast my ballot. I was number 240. There were about 200 people in line behind me when I left.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emy's Hatboxes

Here is a picture of the hatboxes Emy is referring to. *Smiles* at friend. They are white so that she can color them as she pleases.