Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Move - Openspace

Shortly after my neighbor moved my landlord told me he was closing the island because everyone wanted to live on openspace sims. He had held out all summer while he watched his renters leave and finally gave into the inevitable.

He showed me another property, a great deal of land for the same rent and asked if I would like any changes in the terraforming. The next day it was ready. I started packing. I knew I loved prims - wow - what a lot of items it takes to make a house look like a home!!

Everything was packed on the last day but the house when my plot of land became an dessert island! A very lonely little island.

My new piece of heaven. I love that my landlord shaped it just the way I requested and I've had fun doing additional terraforming. No almost 90 degree angles here!!

How do I landscape so much land with essentially the same number of available prims?? It looks so very empty.......

Just then - while I was in the middle of the move - Linden Labs let out the announcement that tier was going up drastically for openspace. Good grief!!

I keep Cas on a budget that I don't intend on increasing. I would have quite happily stayed on my first plot of land.
I am so very sick of moving, but I don't know if she can swing the as yet unannounced raise in rent.

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