Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Days

Cen told us about her first few days in Second Life, and threw out a challenge that we do the same.

This is a picture of me about 3 months after I logged on with the only skin I wear and my favorite hair at the time. For the only early picture I can find, look here. ugh

I had an unusual introduction to SL. The person that told my husband and I about SL had heard about it on NPR (National Public Radio). He created an AV the next weekend and went through orientation out into the wide wide world. He found a club he enjoyed within days and within a few weeks became management there. He settled in quickly and beautifully.

My computer was five years old and humming right along with no problems. It had been upgraded and handled my favorite game Diablo II - Lord of Destruction just fine. But it wouldn't handle SL, so I looked over his shoulder and saw the bright shiny world and was fascinated. To learn more about SL, I did a search on the internet and started reading blogs!

The timing for my entry into the world was event based. He learned Simone was having a yard sale - clothing, shoes, hair - at reasonable prices! Just the opportunity he wanted me to have getting started.

Even though he was right by my side talking me through it, my visit to orientation island was frustrating. I didn't find parts of it all that clear, I did do some action that is required and
came close to giving up for the night before the Linden gods finally acknowledged that I had completed it and let me move past that spot. I had never heard of lag.

I passed out into an info hub and thought "what a LOT of space, for so few things".

The next day he gave me an incredible amount of lindens and turned me loose on the sale! And told me to shop until I had a wardrobe that could carry me. I am both a careful shopper and an impulsive shopper. I look over everything in one particular category thoughtfully considering it and make what I feel are wise decisions. Then I'll throw in a few "I like that one too, why not??" items. I spent three days shopping that sale occasionally hearing "haven't you bought everything yet?" from my husband. Note that careful isn't fast!

I then spent days just trying to move without slamming into walls, flying over cliffs, landing on people or into embarrassing situations by my own actions. LoD is a point and click game. You click on where you want to be and you automatically walk or run there. I had no experience moving myself with arrow keys and had a terrible time doing so.

He took me to buy my smile.
I was uncomfortable being seen in public with the original skin and without a decent walk. My friend recommended a ZHAO. So I took the lindens I had left and the LM's from my husband and spent more time carefully shopping. This time for walks and sits and stands to load into the ZHAO (with help). I was incredulous that my AV didn't come equipped with a decent walk!!!

I was totally adrift in the world.


CeN said...

Great story, you are SO lucky to have had help. I agree, why on earth is the default walk so bad?

Emyly Beaumont said...

Cas you helped me sooooo much when I finally told you I was in world. You dropped clothes and LMs on me and even now you are still responsive to my "where can I find" and "how does this look" questions. I owe my realistic looking AV and my snobbish sense of dress to you. While my AV is not exactly what I look like now, it is very close to what I would have looked like at 27 if I had the money to dress that way... Hehe - and you let me borrow that great pair of shoes until I got a decent free walk (which I still use). Keep on helping newbies. It is your calling.