Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Have a House

On her blog Quaintly reflected on decorating her house. My comment grew to the point I thought it would be better to make a post of it.

My house was designed for me - an old-fashioned beach house with big windows and porches and a deck. I would love to have one like it in RL. I spend a LOT of time choosing just the right furniture and accessories to make it as welcoming as possible.

I do it because it is the one home I can have exactly the way I want it, and in the environment (beach) I want to live in. I can't do that in RL. In RL there are others to consider, so of course compromise enters into any major decision. However it's less than 2 miles to a beach and I'm there fairly often. Yay!!

Unlike FL, in SL I only have curtains in the bedroom and no draperies in the other rooms because I love light, I love looking out at the sky. Still most of my SL time is spent outdoors. I rarely have company, and except for my bf, they only occasionally come indoors.

Having a home, in particular having land makes me feel more grounded in SL. I had a really nice skybox that I was quite happy with, but I was restless. I went shopping and dancing and shopping and ....way too much. I find with a plot of land, I am more content and I enjoy hanging out at home.

Some day I'll try a party!! (and leave the doors open) Don't everyone faint now from the shock *giggles*

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Terri Zhangsun said...

Hi,I too love having a litte casa in SL. I don't know why but it just gives me a place to hang out and be alone sometimes. Sometimes in RL when I am at work, I will even click on my blog to look at some pictures of my home that I have posted and I will wish that I was there. SL and my SL home are just places for me to escape too.