Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's In !! - President Elect Barack Obama

American's voted in Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States yesterday.

He carried with 338 electoral votes - over two times John McCain's 163. I don't believe in electoral votes. The voting system was set up over two hundred years ago for a reason and that reason is no longer valid. We have had presidents elected by electoral vote, who did not have the popular vote. I felt that it was very important for the winning candidate in this race to garner the popular vote. Obama has a decisive victory with the people also - 52% 62,509,207 to 48% 55,438,509.

I reside in Virginia; and I must say I have enjoyed living in a battleground state that the Nation watches closely in races. It took a long time to call Virginia because it was a such a close race.
As a state Virginia hasn't voted for a Democrat since President Lyndon Johnson who campaigned on the promise to carry on John Kennedy's dream. CNN called Virginia for Obama and immediately turned around and called the county for Obama!

The voting precinct I reside in had record turnout and was won for Obama by only two votes! Yes everyone, your personal individual vote does count!

If you watched the acceptance speech, did you notice that it was not a typical speech of it's kind? He referred to his running mate Joe Biden as Vice-President Elect, he refered to his wife as the next First Lady, but never did he refer to himself as the next President of the United States of America. He in no way put himself on a pedestal as so many politicians do. His speech had a different tone than what I think of as a typical acceptance speech. One of hope, and expectation that we really can bridge gaps and band together across party lines for the good of our citizens.

Please, please, don't let us down.

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