Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hump Day - Sports

Luna - Arminasx - Haley

It's not that I have no ideas (incl. scribbled notes) for posts, but RL has been kicking my tush lately in more than one way so I've been quite remiss. I'm so out of it I totally forgot I had show interface on the last time I was snapping pics :( so there are a couple of bits showing that shouldn't.

Last nights Hump Day party theme was Sports. I particularly loved Dyami's hockey gear. Crap had his own revolving afk notice, which I couldn't resist snapping a pic of!

Tymmerie cheering on her favorite team member - Jerremy with a pillow to soften the hits he takes


QueenKellee in a super cute retro tennis dress!

Crap sitting on a pole on the dock

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