Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blogger/Plurker Challenge - SL/RL Look-A-Like

If you don't like to see what people look like in RL, DO NOT allow your eyes below this line.

I read about Kristi Mauerer's challenge of making an AV that is close to your RL self. This feels like I'm cheating since all I did was try to recreate the portrait - lol. So.... find a gown with spaghetti straps, attempt (and fail) to find a red necklace, take off my glasses, find pink roses that wouldn't' stay in the picture with me, and slide down my sand bank several times trying to stand still in front of the gray rock face.

wheew! for something so simple, it took a lot of time!! lol

I decided before I ever logged on that I wanted to see myself having fun. So I created my AV in my image.
I tweaked my height to my FL 5'8". I stood in front of the full length mirror and made proportional measurements - this proportion of my height is head, legs, arms etc. And I thought I did a pretty good job.

As my first six months rolled along I received three comments that caused me to go back to the sliders. "Your stomach does not stick out past your breasts" husband. "You need a boob job, they don't' sag that much" lady who introduced me to SL, "your tummy isn't that round" good friend.

I went in spurts of looking for the right glasses. I don't wear them for photos "light reflects off of them" mom. I IM'd a lady who was wearing almost perfect ones in her profile pic and she surprised me by gifting me with them!! designer!

I had given up on finding the right eyes and was happily wearing Miriel's. Christmas came and my SL bf gifted me with the eyes he created for me! My eyes! Hazel with gold bursts around the pupil.

What has been next to impossible is hair styles. I've seen all the styles I wore when I had long hair. I wear it at least 3 different ways now and the only one even close looks like mine on a humid day when I'm not working!

Here's the comparison pic taken earlier this year!


Ana Lutetia said...

You are so pretty!

CeN said...

Well done!

1angelcares Writer said...

Yours is the most perfect match I've seen!

I, too, did just as you did. I decided that I would give my all in this virtual world and that meant seeing myself participating in all it had to offer.

I did a side-by-side comparison using digital photos of myself next to the sliders, stood in front of the mirror trying to memorize where my hands fell on my thighs then running to the 'puter to fix the arm length before I forgot the placement. LOL

When I go through experiences in's "me" going through those experiences. Not some Barbie doll.

I am glad to know someone else shares that (virtual) world view.