Thursday, February 10, 2011


Snow!! I've never gotten over my fascination with the fluffy white stuff. I remember staring out the window in class during high school when the first snow of the season was expected "is that snow I see? I think so. noooo.............Oh, now it is!"

When I was growing up, the best spot to get the full effect of a wintry evening was the back porch where the yard light shown through the tree branches and you could see the snow in all of it's glory and judge how much was on the branches. If there was any ice coating the branches, the scene glistened.

Now we live at sea level half way down the east coast of the United States, which means we get very little snow with the low elevation. The best location to see how much it is snowing and the size of the flakes is the breezeway...burrr. The next best would be the windows over the couch. So last evening when the fourth snow of the season began, there were a few times I could be seen kneeling on the couch with the drapes and sheers thrust to the side, looking out at the snow and smiling.

This morning we have about three inches and it is forecast to snow until noon. 

My poor mother, it's been a stormy winter for her. The past week has been the worst with two blizzards (she couldn't see her neighbor's house) dumping two feet on her, and two more days of snow on top of that. Plus horrendous lows, - 18, 8, -2, -20 this morning.