Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Travelers!!

Ali and Sophia came up with a fun new blogger challenge! Time Travelers. Go to a place or era that you would like to visit, take pics to post and embed a YouTube video.

I used to teach Art History, and fell in love with the stark, clean lines of architecture in Greece and Rome. I also really like the red-figure and black-figure vases. I've read a fair amount of the histories, a couple of Greek tragedies and watched several programs.

Cassandra, the daughter of the Trojan King Priam, is famous for foreseeing the fall of Troy. Somehow I ended up role playing a fae, rather than a citizen of the ancient world. And if you are a long time reader, you may have read the post - it's all Ali's fault! *Cas hugs and thanks Ali*

The first two pictures are from Greece.

The texture on the columns is excellent.

I feel puny.

The last two pics are from Sparta. The artwork on the vase isn't correct, but the shape is good and it is attractive.

And of course where there are citizens with needs, there are merchants. Here is the marketplace at Sparta. I like that the paved road with the stone shops, degrades into a graveled road with merchants under canopies.

Sorry, I don't know how to embed a video, so here is the link to the original trailer for "Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Armoire Jewelry Showcase - Part II

On with the exploration of the Armoire Jewelry Showcase.

Candy Cerveau introduces us to heavy yellow-gold Egyptian collars and a goddess diadem (headpiece) set with stones such as lapis. Quite unique!

She also provides us with wide Etruscan bands for our fingers, and necklace and cuff sets in three metals set with stones such as carnelian and turquoise!

Around to the other side and you'll find Violet Voltaire's charming Melancholy which reminds me of the trumpet vine flower. The BlackHeart collection which includes the Screwed Doll wind-up key, is balanced by her fun pastel CuppyCake offerings for light-hearted ladies.

Next is Saiyge's delicate jewelry to delight your eyes. There are several full collections available. The stones have rich coloration and a definite sparkle.

Her Charmed, I'm Sure - Fairy Hoard has a variety of small whimsical charms on dainty chain. A little star hangs from the bottom of each small metal twirl in the Starlight, Starbright collection. And don't miss Saiyne's dioramas in her corner pavilion; they are definitely worth seeing.

I am never without earrings either in SL or at work in RL. It is quite unusual to see me in SL without a necklace and earrings. When I am fae I usually wear a circlet, and occasionally a tiara or crown. I look at jewelry very carefully, frequently, and with great appreciation. I am continually impressed by the twist of metal, the soft sheen of a pearl, the imagination displayed by the intrigue tortured prims of fine jewelry.

One of these designers was not familiar to me. I will be going back to the show again and will come home with a full collection from that designer, along with sets from others that I have not picked up yet. I surrender to the temptation you offer ladies.

The showcase runs through 10pm SLT this Sunday, March 22nd.


Armoire Jewelry Showcase - Part I

If you haven't heard about the Armoire Showcase, here is a bit to fill you in before you fly over there to view the designs offered to tempt you...and I assure you they tempted me. The event showcases five highly talented jewelry designers: Kesseret Stepplechase, Caliah Lyon, Candy Cerveau, Saiyge Lotus and Violet Voltaire.

Yesterday was the blogger preview. I was quite surprised to be invited to attend!!

The event has begun and runs through 10pm on March 22nd.

From the landing point, as you walk through the right-hand entry first up is Kesseret. The first offering on the right side is Casandra, a wide soft ribbon choker with a metal locket set with tiny jewels at the connections that Kess named for me!! You can put a picture of your sweetheart in it, change the ribbon, gemstone and metal colors.

Codie is a heavy necklace with large mounted gemstones and gold plaques set with diamonds that I am going to have to go back for. Kess's designs usually have metal and gem color options available by a menu system, which makes each piece an amazing bargain; check details before purchasing.

And with her usual exceptional job on crafting pearls and metal textures, she introduces what I believe is an SL first! Chocolate pearls!

A true surprise for me when I opened the publicity kit was that Caliah Lyon of Muse was one of the five! I wore her orchid set less than a week ago and thought that I hadn't seen anything from her in what seems like forever. I checked her blog a few months ago hoping for word of designs I had missed. It reports she's been super busy with classes.

Caliah created a spectacular twisted metal and fresh water pearl necklace and earring set. For a detail photo of her two sets, see her site Lyon's fans will be pleased to discover she has two sets at the pavilion.

The other is a set fashioned of a substantial sculpted gold links. Shown here is the necklace and earrings.

The Journeyman’s Quest is the hunt challenge within this event, yielding jewelry (including limited edition items) for the tenacious journeyman jeweler. See jewelry in a way that you haven’t before!


Monday, March 16, 2009

A St. Pat's Ball in Aglarond

Lady Maralee had a great deal of fun decorating for the St. Patrick's Day ball in the Kingdom of Aglarond. Two are scheduled each day there is a ball so that hopefully everyone has an opportunity to come. They were well attended.

Crista and Creag step into one of their dances

A lively discussion

Lady Drea in a rare appearance

I'm enjoying dancing with Creag

And there was an Irish jig set up in the center of the clover carpet. I didn't manage a good picture of it though.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! A round of Green ale for everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Thursday ... on a Friday

I love this idea! Strawberry Singh reintroduced blogging about something that makes you happy in SL or RL each Thursday. I was busy yesterday and didn't see it until this morning, so here goes.

Here is a little of what she plurked. Click on both her first and last name above to read it and to look at her blog.

... I'd like to encourage everyone to take a pic of something they love, can be your favorite shoes, your fav sim, your fav person, etc.... SL or RL, just do it! Lets get some love on our streams.

One of the things that I love and never blog about is spending time with Korbin. Here are some random pictures.

We are both true to our RL shape, height, eyes and hair. So although he is clean-shaven in RL, this is pretty much us. Yes, we have exchanged a few pics.

We met in August 2007. This is a rare, and early exploration - Midnight Reflections. I think the lily pad is still there :)

Falling asleep on my shoulder while he is afk.

With his change of jobs a little over a year ago, he's working long, long hours and on rarely. We are so busy playing catch up, We frequently don't take the time to hop on a pose ball. We usually just stand around and talk.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Passing

Someone I knew is gone forever.

Did I try for a little humor at a time when it was the wrong thing to say? probably, I did today attempting to ease the pain for someone by trying to making him smile a little.
Was I insensitive?
Did I fail to say words that might have helped? undoubtedly and that knowledge brings tears to my eyes and ties my stomach in knots.

I feel there is a hole in the universe where she slipped through, a void that will never be filled. She left people behind who cared for her, who remember her laugh, who were amazed by her imagination.

I am saddened by the loss of her spirit.

Magda and Cliff Exchange Vows

Magdalenamarie and Cliff were wed in the private chapel on their property. The theme of red and black was carried throughout with swagged drapes, tuffed cushions, candles and of course, red roses.

Magda was stunning in a confection of embellished red tulle and Cliff was quite handsome in a brocade coat.

Their vows were truly beautiful.
Their union illustrates the genuine caring that can blossom between friends into a deeper love.

Groomsmen - Orion, Falassalond, Cyliss

Bridesmaids - Me, Temperance, Elven, Desmonda

The breathtakingly lovely bride prior to the ceremony

Maralee, officiating - Magda and Cliff

Exchanging vows

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Second Life is a magical environment full of love and tenderness, heart ache and tragedy. May we all cherish the tenderness and live inspired by the love we find.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal

Second Life gets complicated with primary AV's and secondary alts. Sometimes the alts become something more than just secondary personas.

My dear friend Creag's alt Cliff, was married to my friend Magdalenamarie today.

The rehearsal was last night.

The ceremony was held at a private chapel on their estate.

Orion and Aric, two of the groomsmen with the groom in the background

Waiting for the rehearsal to begin.

Sierra is one bored little flower girl

Getting in a little practice to make sure this most important kiss is perfection!