Thursday, March 19, 2009

Armoire Jewelry Showcase - Part II

On with the exploration of the Armoire Jewelry Showcase.

Candy Cerveau introduces us to heavy yellow-gold Egyptian collars and a goddess diadem (headpiece) set with stones such as lapis. Quite unique!

She also provides us with wide Etruscan bands for our fingers, and necklace and cuff sets in three metals set with stones such as carnelian and turquoise!

Around to the other side and you'll find Violet Voltaire's charming Melancholy which reminds me of the trumpet vine flower. The BlackHeart collection which includes the Screwed Doll wind-up key, is balanced by her fun pastel CuppyCake offerings for light-hearted ladies.

Next is Saiyge's delicate jewelry to delight your eyes. There are several full collections available. The stones have rich coloration and a definite sparkle.

Her Charmed, I'm Sure - Fairy Hoard has a variety of small whimsical charms on dainty chain. A little star hangs from the bottom of each small metal twirl in the Starlight, Starbright collection. And don't miss Saiyne's dioramas in her corner pavilion; they are definitely worth seeing.

I am never without earrings either in SL or at work in RL. It is quite unusual to see me in SL without a necklace and earrings. When I am fae I usually wear a circlet, and occasionally a tiara or crown. I look at jewelry very carefully, frequently, and with great appreciation. I am continually impressed by the twist of metal, the soft sheen of a pearl, the imagination displayed by the intrigue tortured prims of fine jewelry.

One of these designers was not familiar to me. I will be going back to the show again and will come home with a full collection from that designer, along with sets from others that I have not picked up yet. I surrender to the temptation you offer ladies.

The showcase runs through 10pm SLT this Sunday, March 22nd.


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