Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Thursday ... on a Friday

I love this idea! Strawberry Singh reintroduced blogging about something that makes you happy in SL or RL each Thursday. I was busy yesterday and didn't see it until this morning, so here goes.

Here is a little of what she plurked. Click on both her first and last name above to read it and to look at her blog.

... I'd like to encourage everyone to take a pic of something they love, can be your favorite shoes, your fav sim, your fav person, etc.... SL or RL, just do it! Lets get some love on our streams.

One of the things that I love and never blog about is spending time with Korbin. Here are some random pictures.

We are both true to our RL shape, height, eyes and hair. So although he is clean-shaven in RL, this is pretty much us. Yes, we have exchanged a few pics.

We met in August 2007. This is a rare, and early exploration - Midnight Reflections. I think the lily pad is still there :)

Falling asleep on my shoulder while he is afk.

With his change of jobs a little over a year ago, he's working long, long hours and on rarely. We are so busy playing catch up, We frequently don't take the time to hop on a pose ball. We usually just stand around and talk.

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

ROFL!! I just love that last picture!

Your "Happy" is so sweet! I just adore it! It really is wonderful to find someone you can share so much with. I am extremely happy for you.