Monday, March 16, 2009

A St. Pat's Ball in Aglarond

Lady Maralee had a great deal of fun decorating for the St. Patrick's Day ball in the Kingdom of Aglarond. Two are scheduled each day there is a ball so that hopefully everyone has an opportunity to come. They were well attended.

Crista and Creag step into one of their dances

A lively discussion

Lady Drea in a rare appearance

I'm enjoying dancing with Creag

And there was an Irish jig set up in the center of the clover carpet. I didn't manage a good picture of it though.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! A round of Green ale for everyone!


CeN said...

I *really* should contact you one of these days and get all dressed up and come play. I always enjoy your posts and pictures about these things and it might be a fun new thing for me to do with my SL. I'm just so damn lazy and forgetful though.

Casandra Shilova said...

Hi Hi!

I would love for you to do so! Any time I'm online and you're in the mood, let me know. I'm almost always available.

If you can make it on Sunday, March 29 between 11am-1pm SLT, there is a dance called Fae Fest sponsored by Creag and I. It's for individuals, and it's choreographed by my friend Emy who has dances that work well for fae.