Monday, November 10, 2008

Lace or Latex tonight??

Dress - Cover Girl (no longer available)

Gown - Nicky Ree "June" check out the wonderful detail

There has been discussion lately about how we ladies come across to others. We make personal choices for skin, hair, apparel and accessories that reflect who we are, or who we want to be, or just do it for that moment of impulsive fun.

This weekend I attended a dance my good friend Emy choreographs at Linri's Palace. I wore the black dress above; it shows off my legs and shoulders and has a nice flippy skirt.
I knew most of the people there; we talked about all kinds of things. No one said a word about my dress.

Then Jenn, another girlfriend, asked me to come to a club where she is a host and said latex was appropriate for the theme that evening. I told her that I don't own any latex, but I would double check my closet. I remembered this Nicky Ree gown called "June". I knew at the time I purchased it, that it has a highly synthetic glossy look about it, but I so loved the floral applique that I took a chance on the gown. I rarely wear it, and when I do I wear a fuller skirt that doesn't emphasis the latex appearance so much. However for this event, I chose the skirt that molds to my body. At the dance one of the ladies commented on how much she loved the gown.

Afterwords I went dancing with a friend. I didn't change first. He made two separate comments "Hi there!! NICE DRESS!!!" And then a couple of minutes later "That really is one stunning dress"
I believe it was way it drapes, rather than the latex that really appealed. We are mostly IM friends, but when I see him in world I don't recall any comments on my clothing and he certainly hasn't displayed that level of enthusiasm before. Yes, it is an absolutely stunning gown.

That's it; no analysis or condemnation of clothing choices anyone might make; just a personal experience. It does occur to me if you want to step up a relationship one notch, you might try splurging on a new gown.

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