Sunday, November 30, 2008

My SL Start Up Routine

Laleeta started a meme "Things I Do When I Log On". She thinks the bloggers have been too quiet lately, so to comply with her request - but probably not of interest to anyone - here is my start up routine :D

1. Online I read the news headlines and click on stories of interest

2. Check my AV's email. I usually check my personal email later, after my first cup of coffee.

3. Read new posts on the blogs I follow.

4. Look at sidebars on a couple of blogs to see if any post titles catch my eye and follow those links.

5. Log into SL

6. Deal with notices, inventory offers etc to clear the upper right-hand corner of the monitor

7. Look at, and respond to, IMs

8. Check to see who's online. I know what state a few friends live in, so sometimes I'm surprised to see ____ on so early! There are some people who are usually on when I log on and even if we don't usually speak, it feels friendly because they are available if we want to. silly isn't it?

What I want to do determines what I wear, so .....

Follow up on anything that caught my fashion eye from the posts I read

11. Start working on what I planned to do that day. For someone that is not involved in anything major (not a designer, only assists in a occasional role play, not a fashionista, etc) I'm still fairly busy.

My goal today is to fix a door on the house that swings too far open - half of it disappears into the wall!

During my evening in SL, I often change again - either for choreographed dancing with my friend Emy or with the Funky Feats. Or I'll become a fae for role play, although frequently very few people are around when I finally get to Aglarond. So I usually explore a bit or relax at the huge tree near the village or at Balsidhe na Uiamh, the household holdings of the fae King, Creag.

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