Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Grateful

My I'm Grateful List -

1. I am thankful for the good health my family and I enjoy. In RL & SL I know quite a few people who either don't now, or haven't had, good health.

My husband and I are both overworked - he much more so than I - however we have good jobs in RL. We are both are appreciated by our employers and the people that we help every day and that means a great deal to me.

3. I am grateful for my extra good friends in SL, for the ones that I am always, always thrilled to hear from.

4. My friends in both worlds - there are so many wonderful people that have enriched my life, that I would have missed knowing if we hadn't moved to this area and if I wasn't in SL.

5. I delight in the change of seasons. I wish this area had a bit more snow though. The colors of autumn makes it my favorite.

6. I am continually amazed at how creative the content artists of SL are! What fertile imaginations create the wondrous world of SL!

7 & 8.
When I was introduced to SL, the first man I met said the thing he liked the best was being able to fly! Strange..!? He said the world was so big you had to fly and teleport to get around!!! Wow! I always wanted to be Peter Pan. Part of my time in SL is spent as a fae - pretty wings and all! As a sci fi/fantasy fan the only bad part about TP'ing is not getting to see special effects for it. I know they are available, but I'm not going to lag everyone to do it.

9. The Ch'Know group. I was quite surprised when Cen invited me, and still don't really feel like I should be in it. But I love how the group are friends that just talk. Talk about anything and everything at anytime someone feels like saying hi, how they share their happy times and their sadness and just stuff and junk. It is so refreshing to be in a group where talk is welcome, where as soon as someone asks a question, they aren't jumped for spamming.

10. And of course, my blog readers. Thank you for taking your time to read of my life and adventures in SL.
I know I have readers outside of America, I hope you have a really good day. To my fellow Americans, I hope you have a very enjoyable Turkey Day. Don't eat yourself sick, ok?

*group hug*


CeN said...

It's great to have you!

Dyami Jameson said...

I like the fall colors too, but have never lived anywhere that I had the chance to see them.

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving too!