Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things I Did When I Started Second Life

Laleeta tagged everyone to answer "Things I Did When I Started SL"'s only been a year and a half, let me think........

My RL husband was already in, I was just waiting for my computer to be upgraded. I used to sit nearby some of the time and look at the fascinating things avatars could do and the wondrous scenery and objects that had been created by people more talented than myself. Animations had me mesmerized; I stared at everyone for months, just fascinated.

February 27, 2007 I sat at his computer while I created my account. He sat beside me and got me started on Orientation Island. He helped me get a startup AO, my smile, a skin, and gave me land marks for Free Dove, good places for clothing and shoes. That particular day was chosen because he had heard about Simone’s Yard Sale and didn’t want me to miss out! He transferred 13,000 lindens for the purpose of going to the sale and picking up clothing, shoes and hair. I shopped until I dropped for two days straight and had lindens left over.

I found Linden Lifestyles before I ever logged on the first time. And like so many others read it faithfully. Salome’s wonderful writing style and taste had me out there spending my lindens faster than anyone else ever has.

Second Life is my first experience with arrow driven movement. My former addiction – Diablo II, Lord of Destruction’s expansion set – is click and move. I spent weeks just wandering around SL, looking at things and trying to walk without running into everyone in sight! Stairs were a huge challenge; they still are if I’m a victim of lag. I felt off of stairs yesterday in front of a couple I was trying to talk to.

I decided before I ever logged on the first time to be me. Why not see myself having fun in SL? I’m pretty happy with myself, so Casandra is me – height, shape, hair (usually shortish red when I’m not role playing), even eyes that look like my own created by my SL boyfriend. I always wanted to see what blonde was like. So I started as a blonde. Lol. That lasted maybe two days! It looked so strange.

I spent tons of time looking at individual animations to put into my ZHAO, trying to find the ones that really say Casandra is me.

I took classes through the NCI – New Citizens Institute.

A couple of months later, I was tired of trying to find a quiet place to change clothing and decided I needed a place to call home. I followed through on a reference, and rented a skybox from a wonderful landlady. I will definitely pass along her name to anyone who would like it. It's the best use of 350 lindens a week I know of. Amazing what having your own little bit of SL does for your spirits!

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Hi hi I love hearing how people started their SL adventure :D ! Thanks for sharing :)