Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clothing and Jewels for a Journey

This is going to sound vain and silly, and I suppose it is. Most of us want to dress not necessarily like everyone around us, but to fulfill our sense of what is appropriate for what we are doing.

I don’t have a role play background. Gamilia is a new kingdom, and my first experience. I had a couple of fairy outfits courtesy of Rose at Rose Petal Creations. I began my life as a fae by wearing those (I still do) and gradually I’m discovering what my “style” is: short to mid-calf skirts without tatters, but petals are nice, fabric that drapes well, wings that compliment, but don’t match the gown. I now have a very small wardrobe in white, gold and pastels. As reflected by my choices I am a light to neutral fae, rather than a neutral to dark fae.

Creag, the Fae King of Gamilia set us a challenge that required us to visit with fae in other lands. I came away feeling under dressed! I wanted to feel confident on my journey.

The challenge had a deadline and I spent precious time finding the right look - rummaging through my clothes chest for something between my usually light floaty chiffon and the full skirted long gowns I saw on most of the fae of other lands (the ones whose profile doesn’t call for a little skimpy something).

In my chest, I found a nicely draped dress from Miriel. The way the trim is applied lends a touch of fantasy. Since my usual hair is rather waif-like, I donned hair in a style I wore for historical re-creation before I cut it all off! Then I added one of my favorite jewelry sets “diamonds and pearls”, from Kesseret at Kess Kreations.

Just then Faery Stola, Studio Sidhe released a gown and wings for fae. I rushed over immediately. That evening when I saw my friend Emy, I gave her the details. She “actually wanted to go shopping!” and immediately left in the middle of the dance (she lives to dance) and fell in love with the “fire” gown. Going through my jewelry box, I added the finishing touch – one of Miriel’s newly released jewelry sets “Orbit”. The color-change feature allows me to match my gown. After taking pictures I discovered that Miriel's exquisite "Fleur" with amethyst stones does beautifully too!

And I was set to hit the road on my quest to find fae of other lands with two totally different, but delight outfits!


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

That dress is soooo beautiful!!!!
I may go snag one if it's still available. I am glad you love the necklace/earrings!!! I've added you to my blogroll. <3

Casandra Shilova said...

I feel very feminine in it. Miriel no longer offers the dress for sale in her shop. You could drop her a line to see if she has it in her stockroom inventory.

Why! thank you! ahhh....I trust you noticed that I don't usually write about fashion. :D

Jennidia Starostin said...

I also think that is darling. I love the gown in the first picture. Also thank you for attending the party the other night. It was wonderful.


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

I don't always write about fashion either! So it's a-ok.

If people flick through my blogroll it's good they don't see the same thing. Keeps em on their toes ;-)