Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OMG! It's Hevy!!! Taking Cen's Challenge

I refer to Hevy in the Funky Feats dance group tab of “my picks”. He was the rock of the group – caring, encouraging, welcoming, supportive, always ready to try new dance steps. And then months and months ago he stepped back from SL to concentrate on RL. I knew he had been on occasionally. But hadn’t seen him and although I considered him a friend, we weren’t friended so I couldn’t just IM him with a “Hi!! How’ve you been?”

A few days ago he appeared right in front of me at a Funky Feats dance!!. I was so surprised! My reaction was much the same as Emy’s except I wasn’t on stage responsible for anything. It was basically the same as Cen’s to Crap Mariner coming to the Hump Day Party last Wednesday.

As soon as I closed my gaping mouth, tears started rolling down my cheeks!!! Hevy was FF’s leader when I joined and the group has diminished in his absence even with LuLu’s valiant efforts. It was as though the spirit of the group departed with him.

Recently someone in their blog talked about the place, the first people that really made you feel welcome in SL, that place you call home (badly paraphrased). The FF was that to me, and Hevy was a big part of it. I lived to dance for a long time. Then I started developing other interests and other friends. But FF was and is very close to my heart.

After my initial “Hi Hevy!!” in open chat, I pounded out five or six questions on the keyboard in private IM, plus an apology for bombarding him with questions, before he opened the window and started responding.

When Cen issued her challenge to send a friend request to someone, I had thought, I could turn right around and offer friend to her *grin*.

I thought of the challenge again, and I knew I really wanted Hevy on my list. I wasn’t a choreographer, and we had seen each other regularly, so there hadn’t been any need to friend each other.

Now I felt that need, that desire, so I took up Cen’s challenge. I told him I would like to invite him. He said “sure, please” and beat me to it. *huge face splitting grin*

Challenge fulfilled, Cen


Elora Henig said...

*Smiles \('-')/
Fantastic Casandra... I'm very happy for you.
I fail... I'm still hesitant in completing Cen's challenge.

Emy said...

Hehe - and I no longer have him on my friends list due to the fiasco with my going "pro" and having to step down as FF trainer. I wanted to friend him again - but was too shy. Good for you Cas!

CeN said...

I'm so happy for you.

I'm glad you did this challenge. I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable by throwing it out there, but sometimes taking a risk pays off big.

Jennidia Starostin said...

There is nothing better then meeting an old friend. Especially one that you look up too.