Sunday, August 3, 2008

Silly July Holidays Party

I realized lately that I have never mentioned the parties that my friend Rose hosts and DJ's on Sunday! Each event is themed. Some examples are PJ's, beach, silly AVs, Victorian, and of course the holidays - Christmas, Valentines, silly July Holidays. Oh, you didn't know there was a whole list of holidays in July that no one celebrates? Check out That was last Sunday's theme. Represented were: ice cream (strawberry - and - vanilla!!), Geeks, moon day (man landed on), music, rat catcher, Amelia Earhart, I forgot Day, walk your plant (yes, really!).

There is trivia written around the theme.
Dancing on rotating cubes in the air was fun! During the beach party the guests tossed beach balls at each other. Rez and Rose go all out decorating, for the beach theme the floor was sand and a wave was breaking through the windows onto the beach! For the PJ party the whole room was made up as a giant bed and with enough teddy bears for everyone to cuddle.

P.S. We can bring friends

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