Friday, August 1, 2008

Sittting in a Tree - Yay!!

I sooo love this picture of my good friend Emy and I sitting in a Pillow Talk apple tree in the medieval kingdom of Gamilia. One of my personal requirements for happiness in Gamilia is trees and other stuff I can sit on!

As a child, I climbed trees (my favorite was a 100 yr old Chinese Elm), roofs and fences. The tall stacks of hay bales in our barn turned into castles and fortresses for my brother and I to scale or defend! I still climb fences back home, and ladders at work!

This one of me swinging on the branch is so very reminiscent of my childhood. Dad made our swing set. I loved that it was larger than the ones you could buy and my favorite part was the trapez!! This is so me!


Creag Emmons said...

I love that tree... In fact, it pretty much saved my sanity one time. And I climbed as
a kid too; my favorite was a red cedar across the street. It stood something like 6 stories tall, and I'd climb about halfway up and sit there for hours. I could use that tree now.

Emyly Beaumont said...

This tree was a wonderful find; in fact, I am there now, getting mellow and planning the dance list for the next Fae Fest!