Monday, August 25, 2008

Here a Fae? There a Fae?

Anywhere a Fae, Fae?

When Fae King Creag of Gamilia set the challenge to locate fae of other lands and take a picture with them, I thought, “This will be easy and fun!”

I did a search and made a list of kingdoms that welcome fae. For a few days whenever I had both time and the discipline to do it, I went down the list hitting several locations.

I was surprised at how time consuming and sometimes frustrating it was!

- Open the landmark

- View on map

- Go down the list until one of the kingdoms has someone show up on the map

If there aren’t any life signs:

- Wrong time of day?

- What about early morning, or late at night?

- Wrong day?

- Would this weekend have better results?

If there are life signs:

- Change from everyday clothing into fairy outfits (see the first post for this challenge on August 19)

- Teleport in

- Wear observer tag

- Home in on signs of life

Even that can be complicated!

- What level are they on? Entry ports for kingdoms are sometimes in the sky and then a TP is necessary to reach the ground

- This one?

- The Heavens?

- Caves?

- Oh, there’s a mountain between us! Or a ______! How do I get around/through/under it?

- There they are!!! (finally)

Only then does race enter into the equation:

- Human?

- Dragon?

- Elf?

- Another race altogether?

- Or am I really lucky and they are fae!!! Whoot!! Success!!

And then I try to be sensitive to the activities going on:

- That looks like a really serious conversation (standing facing each other, but no small talk in chat)

- Oh, they are in the middle of a scenario!

- Am I interrupting?

- Do I have time (before I have to do something else) to wait around?

- Should I leave?

- Oops, they’re cuddling behind that bush!

What I found is that some lands never have anyone there at all whenever I look, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Hopefully I’m just timing it wrong and they are successful, thriving kingdoms.

Since it’s role play, almost none of them permit flying if you are not of their people. It takes a long time for a fae unused to walking to trudge the dusty roads constantly looking for her cousins of distant lands. I saw humans, elves; a wonderful gathering of six dragons of different sizes and types. I viewed a scene with two opponents with daggers advancing and retreating as though choreographed (Renaissance rather than medieval times). I saw a demon taunting people to venture out of the safe confines of their village to where they would be vulnerable.

I searched morning, afternoon and evening with very little result. In all but two kingdoms, I found very few fae. I finally went to those kingdoms several times, and was able to take pictures with them, and be satisfied with the results of my efforts. We chatted about our kingdoms and all kinds of things including the best shops for wings. I played drums with one, danced with another; one changed her clothes after her sister called her in so that she was “regulation fairy” and not 21st century. I even received a hug from a very small fae!

And since I've already had one question on the word "fae" :) The state of enchantment is fayerie, which became fairy and faerie for the ones who wielded the power of illusion.

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Emyly Beaumont said...

I didn't read this until late at night, and I was sooo tired. And I needed the laugh. Thank you Cas, I chuckled when I read your very vivid descriptions. And I can sympathize with your fruitless efforts...