Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Zephirus Triumphs!!!

King Creag, guardian and protector of the fae of Gamilia, issued a challenge. Find a teleporter somewhere on the medieval role play isle of Gamilia, that takes you somewhere, take pictures of yourself with a non-fae, and be the first to deliver them to the High King.

Lady Emy and I got right on it. We spent hours one day searching the entire island including the village, forest, beach and graveyard, the market (elevated landing point), the heavens (without setting foot in it), even a building platform! We flew, we walked. We did not crawl under tables only because it's not in our AO's! We went over the same territory the other had already covered. We conferred in the wonderful cavern. The cavern is truly difficult to explore. There are several levels leading both up and down with nooks and crannies galore. It is easy to get turned around. Especially because as you walk, you can fall through the sculptie rock to lower levels (sometimes all the way to the ground). Getting back to where you think you were takes time and makes it even easier to miss something. If you fly, it is easy to go too fast and get gored with spikes. Emy took out her spell book to heal me after I had been injured the third time and was afraid to move for fear I'd hit another trap. Then she made me rest. Thank goodness she keeps an eye on my stats!!

We had a good time, we learned even more about each other's strengths, and began building team dynamics. We were successful in the end and discovered the teleporter, which led us to a secret garden. The next hurdle was finding a man online at the same time who was available for pictures. She managed to take several during the day and I finished up that evening after work.

We were the first to complete the task set before us! After review by the appropriate parties, House Zephirus became the premier fae house of the kingdom of Gamilia!! WhoOOot!!!

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Emyly Beaumont said...

Hehe - we make a terrific team. I am glad we have had a chance to really get to interact and play together in SL, We have known each other for over a year and we keep learning about each other all the time. I hope that never stops.