Thursday, July 31, 2008


Experienced personal harassment by someone connected with a neighbor at my SL home lately. I don't know if each incident was the same person or not.
- oven door left open
- texture on the cuddle rug was changed
- cuddle rug active poses were switched from male & female chat poses in chairs to "getting into it" poses on top of the rug
- three large posters of the fun had by two people in the shower were left on display in the bedroom

The picture of the rug is a bit confusing. There is a large rug with a design on top of the cuddle rug. At that time the cuddle rug was sized to cover the entire floor and was a solid green shade. The picture shows it as a bear skin rug.

I have always had locks on my doors, but anyone can get maneuver around those. I changed the permissions on the cuddle rug to owner, and must remember to change perms when I have company so others can select sits. But most of the pose balls don't have controls. the shower doesnt'.

I really don't understand why people enjoy doing this. I have never even met her! Much less intruded on her space.

My landlord was able to track down which person she was connected with and kicked her out of the land group. He felt that she would probably create an ALT and continue to plague me. He recommended a move, which I did. I filed an harassment report complete with pictures. The one for the posters shows the owner in the edit window.

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Quaintly said...

That's so weird, I'm sorry it happened to you :(

I've just had someone change the title of my land, haven't been able to check whether everything in the house is ok. OMG.

Thanks for your offline IM, I did get it, but I've been having PC issues and haven't been able to get inworld. Would love the LMs for pose shops, that would help lots! Thanks, Casandra!