Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relay For Life of Second Life Feedback

I filled out the "American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Second Life Feedback" questionnaire. It was sent out today to the SL Team Captains group, which includes other people that worked/rezzed things on the Relay sims.

I recorded portions here, so I can look back on it next year and remember to pass along suggestions for a handout and how I felt about the Relay. So you'll probably want to skip over to the next blog you read. :D

MC Estates team raised L$579,700!!! inworld and offworld combined - approximately $1,700 USD in their first relay year! Way to go team!!!
The last figure I saw was for the Second Life RFL grand total was $200,011 USD WHOOT!!!

The picture is myself (currently a baldy) and Ishtar, our terrific team captain.

The questionnaire -

How likely are you to come back and participate next year?

It's something that I believe in strongly.

At a business lunch last year, I realized I was the only one at the table that had not had cancer!

Now that a team has recruited me, it would never occur to me to not pitch in next year and every year.

What was your favorite thing about the event?

By far the outpouring of love and concern and support that was overwhelming throughout the preparation and the relay. Much of which I would not have been aware of if not for the non-ceasing chatter of the Team Captains group.

That sooo many people native to countries other than the United States get deeply involved in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life - Wow!!!

The incredible generosity of talent, time, and money that pours into this event each year. Especially through a virtual world.

Listening to a very somber Brit get punchy from the number of hours he had worked (DJ) the event. At least part of the time he was walking too!

What was your least favorite thing about the event?

The lack of communication on a very basic "how to" level. My team captain was brand new to it and she did a great job. We raised L$579,700 including out of world donations!!

A notecard written & distributed to team captains with instructions to hand it to everyone detailing "what you need to do/know" would be sooo helpful. How to make your laps count, do you need a sponsor, do you have to contribute to participate in the run, is a lap the full course or a one hour time frame, can the hour start any time, or is it the top of the hour, if you crash do you have to start the lap over, does only time spent moving count, or does simply time on the track count and do you have to stand on the track or can you move off of it to look at something and it still count, and anything else someone can dream up. Write it for someone that walks in the day of the relay and has no clue. And make it a billboard along the track.

If I could change one thing about Relay, I would:

Restrict the builds to a certain number of prims per site. It would help with the awful lag encountered during laps. Yes, the builds were absolutely wonderful, quite impressive, but....

Sorry, 2 -

Find a way to get the word out more uniformly. There were still plenty of people who were not aware that the Relay was going on.

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