Monday, July 21, 2008

Relay for Life

A few pictures from Relay for Life, starting with the spectacular fireworks display that wrapped up the rally.

I am constantly overwhelmed by how generous so many, many people are in Second Life. They give of their time, energy, creative talents over and over again - to all kinds of fund raisers and special projects to help others. Relay for Life in it's fight against cancer is by far the biggest push with the greatest outpouring of generosity and love.

I was placed in the all SL Captains group so that I could decorate the dance pavilion pictured below in of one of the RFL sims. It was amazing and inspiring to be privy to literally
hundreds and hundreds of lines of chat throughout the final week. These people care so very much for each other - their efforts towards the rally, someone's own fight against cancer. I'm certain lasting friendships were formed; I know there were tears shed over the messages.

A screen capture of the sims dedicated to the walk in the "H" of Hope. It was amazing to think that throughout the entire 24 hour walk there were always this many dots representing individual people! (click for large view) Several walkers stayed up all night placing one foot in front of the other showing incredible dedication.

Poo - I didn't get any pictures of my friends that joined me on laps. Our team belly danced sometimes waving flags. I'm in purple flowered silks with my friend Katana, who came to support us that day.

The last picture is of the team opening fund raiser. The MC Estates team name has been changed to Ministry in Dance for next year's effort.