Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Successful Devastation

Real life - I am a department manager and buyer for one of the largest fabric shops in the United States. We had our once a year MEGA Sale lately. Imagine the second photo x 30 and that would be the devastation in my department.

First things: putting up the Christmas in July sale table, inventory of the batting (packaged and rolls) left on the sales floor and pulling any stock from the back. Deciding how many kits, whole group packs were purchased and filling in my boss on that, helping the office person assess what fabric I will reorder that is on the website so she can put "out of stock" on it vs. what I won't reorder that needs to be deleted.

Add bringing the entire back wall of already discounted fabric in that section back out from the stockroom (approximately 60-72 feet of shelf space), collecting fabric that belongs in other departments (only one shopping cart worth this year!), creating fat quarters from yardage that is too small now to stay on the bolts and you will get an inkling of what greeted me when I walked back in two days later.

It takes me a solid week when I don't have help and 3-4 days when I do. Thankfully my top assistant returned from Alexandria for the event, stayed an extra 2 1/2 days to help. They don't tell you it's in the fine print when you sign the contract that you have to continue working the sale even if you move away! (just kidding) Two employees that moved this year came back to help.

7/18/08 - Edit

The 42 bolts of remnants under my table have been dealt with. I can walk around my table! I had help with the back wall - yay! It all looks pretty normal again - just in time for someone to bring in their entire class on Thursday to pick from blender groups for a specific project!

Next week - batting orders, Kona cotton & Fusion orders. Oh, and an all day meeting with a fabric rep, who couldn't believe that we couldn't see him a couple of days after the sale!! I'm going to send him a couple of pictures so he might be able to understand a bit - lol.

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