Monday, July 21, 2008

Misc Stuff & Junk

Wow! I've had so many hits today for an unknown, unpublicized blogger! Wonder why? Probably someone linked me for some reason! Maybe someone added me to their side bar of blogs they read. Hope they come back.

I wanted to post my RFL pictures last night, but I was just so wiped out. I haven't discovered how to make the layout of each post do what I want yet. Sometimes the pictures and text are just where I want them, and then there are the times they aren't.....

I need to find out how to make the site counter work right. It's recording people, but not the amount of time they spend on the site! A friend told me he had been on quite a while and read the whole thing and was down as 0 time! While other people have time listed next to their visit. *frowns* I'm confused

Everybody have a good week. Hugs and smiles all around :D

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