Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fae to Human in 0.6 seconds !!

I logged directly into Gamilia all set for the king's ball last night and discovered my boy friend had been online waiting for quite a while! So I humanized and hopped home for some much needed private time.

We had the good talk we needed and he logged off for bed just as the ball wrapped up. I had assured Creag that I would be there later never dreaming that I wouldn't make it.
Since he was falling asleep over the keyboard waiting for me, I expected to be at the king's ball about an hour late. He revived! I would hope to have that affect on him after a month's absence *grins* But I hated not being there to lend my support of the effort that went into the event and meet a few more residents.

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Creag Emmons said...

Cas, considering that I blew off the treasure hunt inthe afternoon to be with Jenn... Perfectly understandable. Excellent choice you made, in my book.

Hope you had a REALLY good night!