Friday, July 11, 2008

Fashion Disaster at Viper Pit

The Fashion Disaster party for Hump Day was sooo funny! I looked so innocent farm girl sitcom dorkie! I thought probably most people would show up with short tight revealing clothing that they wouldn't normally be caught dead in. So I decided to do something different. Stone washed denim - short skirt with 2 rows of white eyelet lace, matching vest, tin foil cowboy hat and way too much large turquoise jewelry (oh, and matching nails). Then I stood there thinking I should have done the bling. It took a lot for me to actually hit the TP button! But that's just because I'm a new kid on the block and don't really know anyone.

I didn't take a good picture of my disaster either. So this is a shot of the corner I gravitate to as seen a bit later with myself, Dyami, and Cen. That corner always seems to be empty when I arrive and a good spot to get out of the way of both the people who are already there and new arrivals.

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