Friday, July 4, 2008

A Dream

I had this totally weird dream the other night. I've never dreamt about anything connected with Second Life before.

This dream is set forty years in the future. Picture a bedroom, an angel in white with wings enters and speaks to the person lying in bed. They exchange a few sentences, during the conversation, the person gets up and takes a few steps. The angel turns to face that person and says something. End of dream. I heard the conversation, but don't remember it.

I woke sobbing. Correct rendition or not, this was the RL person behind the SL AV! The angel had a Roman Catholic background as a nun! I guess the nun was so good she made angel when she went to heaven :) Although at peace, the person didn't realize that the conversation was about their imminent death. I still tear up recounting it! I am such a softie..

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