Friday, July 25, 2008

Shoes! OM ! Shoes !!!

My name was drawn for a free pair of shoes (my choice) by a designer for having the shop in my "picks". The demos for the two pair of red shoes I narrowed it down to were broken. I dropped a note card asking about it. There followed some very slow communication. I never received my shoes. I probably took too long to make up my mind.

I decided to expunge this memory, I was going to splurge on a pair of red shoes this week and started thinking about where to shop.

I am NOT a shoe whore. Don't get me wrong; I am picky. I have weeded my newbie shoes out of my closet. I own shoes from most of the best designers. But e
xcept for the cute brocade flats by Fallingwater Cellardoor (Shiny Things), I buy shoes as I need them to go with my clothes. I don't buy fat packs.

Before I left the house, I read a blog. and....I flew to R2!!! I tried on the Konase demo; they looked good on me and not just in the photo. For the first time ever, I looked for a fat pack. :( Oh well, there are very few colors available, I didn't wear my finger out clicking.

Back home I happily stood in my undies and HAWT new shoes trying on everything red in my closet. Much to my surprise, my wardrobe failed me! I have one, only one dress that goes with the shoes and it is too casual. For the first time ever, I must go shopping to appease my sense of style that revolves around a pair of shoes!!

It's finally happened!

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