Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Landscaping

I blogged a while back about my move due to neighbor harassment. When I inspected the new island property, I loved what my soon-to-be neighbor had done with her place and oriented the house so that it faced her land.

When Sweetsmiling told me she was leaving our beautiful tropical paradise, I took a good long look at her property to decide what I liked and would miss about the view. She had dug out the sand in front of the dock built onto her house. There was an oriental bridge spanning a koi pond,
a riot of flowers near by and a covered dock at the waters edge in back.

I reached the conclusion that what I enjoyed the most was the koi pond and the water lapping at the front deck with lily pads floating in it.

When I moved in, I had done some terraforming. Just enough to break up the square plot somewhat and get me going. I intended to get back to it some day - and hadn't. Her move spurred me into action. Loving the house, I didn't want water rotting the boards of my patio railing, so I dug a pond a little way out from it, went to the pet store for koi and a garden shop for waterlilies. I then shifted Sai's platform bed from under the palms to the trees showing their autumn colors near the pond.

I don't have the landscaping talent that my new friend does, and I still need to plant the cattails, but I was satisfied.

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