Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lingerie Night

Myself, Ali and Crap

I could soooo think up naughty titles for this post! Last night's theme for the Get Humped party was lingerie. We all had some fun with it. Everyone looked really sexy. I wish I had a good picture of Crap - excellent (click on the one above for a better view). Lots of people came, proving we all like to dress in our undies and show off our tush!

Cen invited me to join the group, so you're really stuck with me now! Just say something if I talk too much or ask questions you don't want to answer.

Marlee, Tym, Jerremy and Elora

I call this one Jumping Beans ;-)

The newly re-vamped Party Ball! Festive with a moving floor!

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Creag Emmons said...

Well. I've not been to a Hump Night in far too long and now I'm REALLY sad I missed this one! Guess I'd better go check what the next theme is...