Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Style

These couple of paragraphs are brought to you as a reflection of what Joonie had to say in her blog today.

Each of our blogs are individual and reflect our own style of thinking, doing, writing. A person can only relate how they understand life to be. That doesn't mean it's right for anyone but themselves. That applies to both the blogger and the reader.

If the two don't mesh, that's just fine. Either the reader can learn something of a different viewpoint, or they can just not read that blog.

Mine is a calm reflection of my Second Life, with a little of my First Life tossed in occasionally. I'm a pretty laid-back person and my SL is uneventful. Many people that blog have much more going on in SL than I do and there is only so much time for reading blogs in your day. So it's probably amazing I have as many readers as I do.

I look upon it as my SL diary, but it is a diary that I want to share with others. Thank you for reading it.

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Creag Emmons said...

Thank you for sharing it. You may not think you have a busy Second Life, but you do, and think, things I might never, and that makes your sharing it all priceless to me. And, no doubt, to your other readers.