Friday, October 24, 2008

Designer Ooopsie

I have this cute little flippy denim skirt. The weather is turning cool, so it needs something with sleeves that looks good with it. I have very few transitional weather tops, but I really want to wear the skirt.

I suddenly remembered a cardigan I think might work, dig it out and put it on - well, in a pinch...maybe. Then I start rummaging for a top on the undershirt layer, because the sweater is on the shirt layer!! Find something I don't remember, put it on and look at my AV. There's a smear of color where there shouldn't be's the sweater.

Admittedly this was an early purchase of mine. I don't know if the designer was new at the time or not. But still - WTF??? Why would any designer put this out for sale in a shop? I've spent my lindens on a few other pieces with this problem and thrown them away. Isn't it reasonable to expect each article of clothing to be closely inspected before release?

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