Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pet Peeves

Ali obliged Tym by coming up with a meme that everyone can relate to - pet peeves!

I don't know if I can limit myself to three. I commented to a response on Tym's and managed to sneak in one of mine. ;)

Group invites when all I've done is walk in the door. Ditto for LMs - I either already have one, or I just did a search and don't know if I want one yet. If I do, I'll make one myself or click on a LM giver at the door before I leave.

2) Can I do a lump of simply people that have no, or very little taste? Be it lots of bling and c
lothing that illustrates their fantasy of being a hooker. They undoubtedly feel scorn for the dowdy female standing next to them! Oh, and bodies that are way out of proportion including heads, arms and hands that are way too small and the infamous watermelon tush (I have seen maybe 5 in RL).

3) Harassment and griefers - they just don't care about being considerate to others and it takes all kinds of forms. I had a neighbor who put big posters up in my bedroom of the fun they had in my shower!! My landlord moved me and I bought a security device.

I can't limit myself to three ----
4) Sims where you can't set down something to use it - thinking couple's HUD for holding hands walking in a pretty park. They could set auto-return for a very brief period of time - such as 30 seconds of non-use.

People wanting to friend me that haven't even talked with me! Are they in a contest for how large they can bloat their friends list??

Talking fetus's. Even if it makes mommy and daddy feel warm and cosy, can she turn off the talk when attending a 2-3 hour event?

Hosts and DJ's that SHOUT what they want to say - a few even speak and then SHOUT the same sentence!! If you're not close enough to say hello, don't bother - it's not personal anyway.

1) Search ability in just one folder of inventory at a time without unchecking all of the other boxes.

2) Double the group limits - although that probably isn't enough. Thank goodness for scribe-o-matic!

3) Subgroups under friends - shuffle the ones that only want updates on my newbie LM's folders into one, role play people into folders for the appropriate build where I see them, and so on. So that "friends" are the people I have contact with fairly often, or enjoy enjoy spending time with even if I don't get to see them very often at all.


Emyly Beaumont said...

Peeve #5 would have to be my number 1: unsolicited friendship offers. It goes without saying that many of the offers are from men, but I also get invites from people who have danced on my HUD once and just want to be able to IM me to find out where I am dancing. I try to respond with a diplomatic refusal and a group invite but with groups being limited to 25, many have no room. Besides, they can always check my profile. I publish my schedule there and keep it current :)

Casandra Shilova said...

Which is sooo smart of you! I check it regularly.