Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Day Celebration - Fae Fest, part II

More pictures - deciding on which pictures to include delayed the post, so here's Part II
Clicking on the maypole pictures will show a larger size.

Linwe dancing while Quanishia looks on

Pali, myself and Roberta dancing around the maypole

Usually almost everyone joins the choreographed dancing and we have a few standing or sitting looking on. More than any of the outdoor dance events in Aglarond, this celebration seemed very natural.

It was a true hodgepodge of activities as would be at many events in real life. There were maypole dancers, couples dancing, those standing by themselves or with others watching and perhaps a few kisses behind the bushes.

Boots talking with Nos

I thought of a huge bonfire, and then it slipped my mind. Someone took care of that by setting fire to a grassy area; it was extinguished quickly. Mischief makers would frequently invade Beltane celebrations in earlier times to disrupt the festivities.

Thanks to Emy who designed the maypole, and Tori who helped her get the movement the way she wanted it, the maypole had both an inner and outer ring of dancers moving in opposite directions which would allow the traditional intertwining of the ribbons in real life!

My thanks to everyone who helped, and everyone who came. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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